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El Guapo
5/29/01 11:29 PM
Tony Reyes Tours Sea of Cortez [Post#: 266 ] Reply to this post

I am a charter master for Tony Reyes Tours fishing the Midriff Islands in the Sea of Cortez. I presently have 4 spots on my trip leaving June 10th. The boat gets back June 16th. This is the best value in all of sport fishing. Imagine seeing boils more than a mile across! 150 pounds of prime filet is a normal take home.

Limits of cabrilla and yellowtail are common as are grouper to 150 pounds and giant black sea bass over 200 pounds. If you like calamari, the giant squid go to over 60 pounds!

If interested, please call Bruce toll free at 866-837-0182.

Tight lines & Red Decks!

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