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Delta Guides
6/3/01 10:01 PM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 270 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 05-27-01 through 06-02-01

A couple of light wind days allowed us to use the fly rods, and we did pretty good with it. Using the “Hamilton Copperhead” fly, we managed to catch 3 reds and 5 sea trout in two days. By mid day of each day, the wind got up so high that we had to go back to anchoring and using live bait. With that, we managed another couple of reds. On another day, we had been looking for fish but not finding them. At one stop, I dipped in the live bait well and came out with a mullet minnow that had to be 10" long. Normally we would throw one that large back over as we are catching the bait but somehow this one got put into the tank. When I dipped it out, I nearly threw it over, but for whatever reason, I put it on a hook and tossed it up to the grass line. I’ll bet it didn’t last 1 minute and a 10# red grabbed it. As we got the red in and photographed it, I couldn’t help thinking back to how many of these “oversized” baits I have thrown back because they were “too big!!” It just goes to show again that just when you think you know something about this business, you get the opportunity to learn another lesson from the fish. Not much else to report, the wind continues to blow, and we continue anchoring and using live bait.

Our totals for the week were: reds totaled 12 with the largest being 10#. Trout totaled 9 and were mostly all female roe trout, which we handled and released very gently. A couple of flounder and blues finished the week for us.


Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC
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