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6/10/01 01:57 AM
Redfish are HOT in Rockport [Post#: 275 ] Reply to this post

These storms seemed to crank the fish up and made them mad or hungry or
something, but being in the right place was also important. Earlier this
week on Tues. I fished hard all day and I do mean all day and came in at 6
pm and only had one red, which was only 20 1/4" , which we caught at 5:55,
so we released and gave up. Wed. wasn't much better, we also fished
everywhere imaginable and still only caught 9 trout, 1 galftop, 1 red and
tons of hardheads. Those two days really had me baffled, because nothing I
did was productive. Then on Fri. I was determined those reds were not
going to beat me. I had intent to kill some reds. By 2 pm we had 12 really
nice reds in the box, and brought it to the dock, with smiling faces. Today
I also had the same intent on my mind. The 21 year old young lady I had in
the boat had never caught a fish bigger than a 6" one. Well the first red
that bit was a 20 1/2" redfish. She fought it and boated it. Then told me
that was the biggest fish in the world. She didn't think she could handle
anything any bigger, because it would pull her out of the boat. I assured
her that I would hold her in the boat and not let the fish pull her in. We
caught 7 nice reds and one was a perfect 28". They were also smiling when
we came to the dock. The finger mullet have finally showed up in numbers.
Those are the key to catching the redfish. Three other boats (who did not
have fresh live mullet) sat within a few feet of me and came in with few to
no redfish. Estes Flats just off the Klondike was the place today and live
mullet was the bait. "Good Catching to you" Capt. Charlie 800 862-7987

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