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George Landrum
6/18/01 06:35 PM
Cabo Catch Report [Post#: 293 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: Thank goodness that the nice weather has finally shown up (knock on wood). The week started just as they all have started for the past several months, lots of westerly wind and the resulting dust and choppy green water. On Thursday night the wind disappeared and on Friday, Saturday and today we had almost perfect early summer conditions. Today we actually had a slight easterly breeze for the morning and early afternoon. The temperature has been in the 90’s during the daytime and since the wind died off the evenings have been in the low 80’s. There has been no rain this week and for the most part the skies have been cloud free during the day. Looks like it may be time to clean the screens on the air conditioner!

WATER: Wow, this has been a very strange week as far as both the water temperatures and the water clarity are concerned. First the temperature. The Pacific side near shore has remained in the low to mid sixties all week but the temperature has been in the low 70’s once you get out over 40 miles. The Sea of Cortez has been almost a mirror image with the water temperatures being a few degrees higher on average. At least that was the situation at the beginning of the week. As the week progressed the warmer water drew both closer to shore and towards us, most likely a result of the wind stopping. Second was the water clarity. All week the water had been green and warm. There were reports of blue water out 70+ miles, but for the normal charter range, green water has been a fact of life. Fortunately that situation is beginning to change also since the wind died. We are getting reports of blue water as near as 20 miles out in the last few days.

BAIT: Plenty of Caballito at the usually $2.00 per bait and I have seen no Mackerel. Some of the Pangas are offering Mullet and I have no reports of Sardinas this past week from the Cabo boats.


BILLFISH: Good news on the Striped Marlin. Early in the week the boats had to travel as far as 35 miles to the East-Southeast to find the fish. They were thick once you found them, but not biting well. Since the wind died they have followed the warm water and today they were being found just outside the Cape, as close as 2 miles. The water is very off green in color and there are squid everywhere, so the bite is not as good as it should be, but when you are seeing 30-40 marlin a trip, there are bound to be a few hungry ones! We are nearing a new moon on the 20th and as we get closer the bite seems to be improving. Almost all of the fish have been taken on live bait, either tossed to tailing fish or slow-trolled around the concentrations of squid.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Nada, Sorry about that. I sure hope the Tuna Fisheries recovers soon!!!

DORADO: We are beginning to see some good consistent action now, and the fish are very nice sized, most of them have been over 30 lbs with a few in the 50 plus range. Marlin lures and slow-trolled live baits have been working to bring in an average of one per boat. A few boats have been getting multiple Dorado almost every day.

WAHOO: As we are nearing the new moon, just not there.

NEARSHORE: Lots of Striped Marlin being spotted this week, most boats seeing between 25 and 40 a day. 100 lb leader and #7 live bait hooks seem to help in getting strikes and we have had luck slow trolling behind a planer at 30 ft and a downrigger at 60 feet. A vertical and horizontal spread of live bait covers all the conditions. Keep you fingers crossed for improvement in the tuna bite!

Until Next Week, Tight Lines!!!

Capt. George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

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