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6/20/01 01:35 PM
STELLWAGEN BANK,MA- Cod 6/17/01 [Post#: 296 ] Reply to this post

STELLWAGEN BANK, MA-Cod Fishing -6/17/01

The deep-water to the east of Stellwagen has been consistently producing good catches of medium and large cod with a few haddock mixed in. On Thursday, 6/14, Jerome Skypeck’s group, from Chicopee, MA, found good numbers of medium cod jigging in 200-250 feet. Most of the market cod were between 10 and 15 pounds. The pool-winner was a 20-pound cod.

Gary Brown’s (Putnam, CT) second trip of the season fishing on B-Fast’s JANET B proved to be equally as good as his first in May, although the cod averaged larger in size on Saturday’s trip. I neglected to report that Gary’s wife caught the pool-winner on the May trip--- women usually out-fish the men. Saturday’s trip was to be Gary’s son’s first offshore trip. He proved up to the task, helping bail medium cod from 190 ft on the first stop. The group finished the day in the deep-water where the 18 pound pool winner-came over the rails.

Helder Batista’s group from Kearney, NJ got off to a late start due to a leaking hydraulic steering hose on the DECISIVE. This was Helder’s third shot at getting out this season. Earlier trips were cancelled due to weather. Capt. Scott was able to replace the hose in short order and the group was on their way to the deep-water. Scott found a steady pick of medium cod to the east of the Bank. Obviously, the fishing was worth the wait, as the group also landed a few large cod in the 20-pound class, a ten-pound haddock and a pool-winning cod at 28 pounds.

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

Capt. Mike Bartlett
B-Fast Charters

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