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Delta Guides
6/25/01 11:14 PM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 300 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 06-17-01 through 06-23-01

I ran across something this week that told me that even the local “good ol boys” must be having trouble catching reds. What I found was a section of gill net at the entrance to one of our favorite flats areas. It appeared to have gotten loose from it’s mooring, drifted into a bed of oysters and tangled itself into a mess. If my guess is right, the owner came back at night after setting it and found it in a mess and rather than spend too much time at it, he just left it. Nearly every year, we find a piece of net or two and they always seem to be right at a good fishing spot. I always wonder just how common it is for people to break this law. It would be a rare thing for a game warden to be out at night, and even more rare for a fisherman to be out there unless they are gigging fish (which is legal). So, how do you police something as difficult as this? I’m sure the wardens would love to catch them, but how would you ever be at the right place at the right time in the dark? Someone that is of the mind set to do the illegal gill netting is not going to be persuaded to stop simply because it is illegal or un-sportsman like. I’m sure they and their friends all take great pride in their ability to slip in and catch these fish in this manner. I wish I knew what to do or say that would cause them to change their attitude and not just view these great fish as simply something to eat.

The tailing tides were right on schedule and we managed to find a couple of quiet places and caught some really nice fish. One day we caught three fish on the fly rod using a Hamilton weedless spoon fly. The other two days, we caught several on spinning gear with spoons and jerk baits. What fish we found seemed more than willing to eat whatever we put in front of them. During the time before the tides got up into the grass, we managed to catch some trout and ladyfish. We had a couple of good mornings with the flounder early in the week, but they seemed to be missing later in the week.

Totals for the week are: Reds totaled 15 with the biggest being 10 pounds. Most of the others were from 3 to 8 pounds each. Trout totaled 13, flounder totaled 6 with a couple of 3 pounders.

This will be the last report for a while because I’ll be out of town. Myself, my wife and another couple are going to Alaska for about two weeks and will be leaving on Friday, June 29. The next report will catch up on what has happened locally and will be published around July 15 or 16.

E-Mails and phone calls will be answered by Dawn, who does all our bookings and generally runs things for us. Our other guides will be available while I’m gone, so don’t hesitate to call or write.


Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC
E-mail Address:

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