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Capt Geo
9/24/12 05:21 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 3011 ] Reply to this post

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
Sept 17 - 23, 2012

WEATHER: We had some really great weather this week if you are in the mood for some heat and humidity! At the start of the week there was a good breeze from the northwest but by Wednesday it was still and muggy with sunny skies. That's not the perfect weather but pretty good if you are out on the ocean! Our daytime highs were in the mid to high 90's while the nighttime lows were in the low 80's. It seems as the week went on the early morning temps were a bit lower than at the start of the week and perhaps the humidity a bit less as well.
WATER: On the Cortez side of the Cape this week it was calm but with a few humping swells, spaced well apart at the start of the week. On the Pacific side it was a different story as the northwest winds on Monday and Tuesday made the fishing uncomfortable. On Monday it was like a sheep farm out there but the conditions steadily improved as the days went on. By yesterday it was like a lake with small, long period swells and no wind. On the Cortez side it was glassy. Water clarity was the big issue this week. At the start of the week we had a monster area of very green water from the Punta Gorda area in the Cortez all the way to the Cape and it extended out to the 1,000 fathom line. Currents coming down from the north pushed this green water around the Cape and up into the Pacific side, traveling about 7 miles a day. This water clarity issue was the largest factor affecting where the boats went to find fish, the preferred area was to the west, then north side of the dirty water as it worked it's way around the Cape. By Friday most of the boats were having to travel as far up the coast as Cerritos Beach to get to the north side of the clean water, but the water close to home and at the banks had cleared up.
BAIT: Caballito were available early in the week for $3 each and there were frozen horse ballyhoo for the same price.
BILLFISH: There was decent action on both Sailfish and Striped Marlin this week on the Pacific side but I did not hear of much happening on the Cortez side. Fish were found from close to the beach in 40 fathoms of water to 5 miles offshore, but there was little action outside that zone. I fished 4 days for Blue or Black Marlin with no results at all, but heard of a few boats getting strikes from big billfish. Most of the billfish found inshore were striking lures pulled for Dorado, but they were the perfect size!
YELLOWFIN TUNA: I think that Yellowfin Tuna have definitely taken the top spot and became the fish of the week. On Wednesday a potential world record was brought in to the marina. The boat had reportedly been out on it's third multiday trip targeting a world record and this trip it paid off 180 miles offshore while chunking with cut bait in a pod of black porpoise. While I am not 100% positive, it was told to me that the scale that weighed the fish at 427 pounds had been certified at the time and sent up to be re-certified after weighing the fish. Such a nice fish, but there were good fish closer to home as well. We had clients out on Tuesday who brought in one that weighed 156 pounds and brought two that weighed 85 pounds each on Wednesday. One of the Pangas we book on a regular basis returned on Saturday with a tuna the scaled out at 280 pounds, and caught on #40 test line! Not all the fish caught were that large, nor did all the boats fishing for them get Yellowfin, but those that did found quality fish that averaged 25 pounds. Almost 100% of the action was on the Pacific side of the Cape between the south side of the San Jaime Bank and the Cerritos Beach area to the north, in the clean water with dolphin around.

DORADO: If it were not for the fact that the fishing for Tuna was so impressive, Dorado would have remained my choice for fish of the week. Once again almost all the action occurred on the Pacific side of the Cape and for almost the entire week, at least through Friday it happened on the north side of the dirty water, right on the edge. There were some fish caught on the outside in the clean water but the concentrations were inshore. On Saturday the dirty water had moved far enough to the north and been filtered enough that the boats did not require such a long run and were able to find good numbers closer to home. Many boats were able to limit out on fish at averaged several pounds over what they were catching last week, most of the fish were in the 10-15 pound range with a few really big ones in there. Live bait worked along the edge where the fish were concentrated worked early in the week and later on there was decent action on bright lures.
WAHOO: This week we were coming from the new moon to the first quarter and we did have a little spurt of Wahoo action, something we have not seen for a few weeks. Most of the fish were caught offshore around the banks but there were a few fish picked up right on the beach. Most of the fish were between 20 and 45 pounds and were incidental catches made while fishing for Tuna and Dorado.
INSHORE: Strong currents once again had an effect on the inshore bottom action and the numbers of Roosterfish available had dropped off. Many if not most of the Pangas were working just off the beach for Dorado and a few ventured offshore for Tuna and Marlin once the winds had died down.
FISH RECIPE: Check the blog for this weeks recipe!
NOTES: This week I have no music going but there is a lot of anticipation as one of my clients brought me 10 new CD's that I am going to start using and playing. A very esoteric mix of stuff, everything from Doobie Brothers to Yo-Yo Ma to Ry Cooder to Johnny Cash and Carlos Santana. Looking forward to it! Of course, being Sunday morning the pup is at my knee with her head resting on my leg looking at me with that look, “It's time for the beach, Dad, hurry up!”. So, until next week, stay safe and have a great time. Until then, tight lines!
Be sure to check the blog to see some of those big tuna!

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