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George Landrum
6/26/01 04:32 PM
Cabo Fish Report [Post#: 302 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: This has been the beginning of summer for us and it sure has been a relief to see it arrive. This is not to say that the weather is perfect, after all, this time of year is known for the heat and humidity, but at least the winds we were experiencing for the previous months appear to be a thing of the past. This week we had only very light breezes, mostly from the southeast and southwest. There was no cloud cover to speak of, absolutely no rain and the daytime temperatures reached into the very high 90’s every day. Nighttime lows were in the low 80’s and I expect to have to turn the air conditioning on any night now in order to get a good sleep!

WATER: Early in the week there was green water from the Pacific side all the way up past Gordo Banks on the Sea of Cortez. As the week progressed the blue water moved back and forth, but steadily closer to our area. Today, the 24th, there was blue water out front 6 miles, but it turned green later in the day. I was out on Thursday and there were spots where it looked like the bottom had been stirred up, I mean the water actually looked muddy in spots. Definitely a sign of strong currents in the area! The water temperatures on the Pacific side have been from the very low 70’s near shore to about 74 offshore. On the Sea of Cortez we are finding much warmer water. Temperatures at Gordo banks have been recorded in the 82-83 degree range but closer to the cape we have been seeing it in the 79-80 ranges. The waters have been calm all week, thanks to the absence of any strong winds.

BAIT: There has been no problem getting all the Caballito you want and there have been a few mullet available for those wanting inshore baits. Small and large of both kinds have been easy to get. I have seen no Mackerel and have had no reports of Sardinas available here in Cabo San Lucas. Large baits are the usual $2 each.


BILLFISH: All right, the Marlin have finally started to bite! I didn’t think it was ever going to take off again, especially after the months of strong winds. Early in the week the fish were found in concentrations about 25 miles out up on the Cortez side. The water was green but the fish were there. As the warm, blue water moved into the area it appeared that a definite “break” was forming. It took a few days to see it, but as the currents took over from the wind we had a very distinctive line develop. It appeared that the bait was hiding in the green water and that is where we found the Marlin most of the time, at least the Striped Marlin. A number of Blue Marlin were caught this week up in the warmer blue water and they should be in this area soon! Most of the Striped Marlin caught early in the week fell for live bait and as the week progressed they turned on to lures also. At the tail end of the week the Striped Marlin were being found in fairly good concentrations within 10 miles of the marina entrance.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: We had a good sign of things to come this summer when large pods of spotted dolphin showed up outside “La Playita” in San Jose on Friday. Most of the boats on the scene were able to get into the Yellowfin that were mixed in, and these fish averaged a very respectable 80 pounds. On Saturday they had become very leader shy and many of the boats went down in size as far as 15-pound test. Sure are a lot of fish swimming around out there trailing yards of monofilament from their mouths. Some of these fish settled onto the inner Gordo Banks, but it remains to be scene weather or not they remain for any length of time. Cedar Plugs and slow trolled Rapalas, Marauders and small live Caballito were the best producing offerings. There were no confirmed reports of Tuna concentrations anywhere else.

DORADO: Nice fish out there! Not every boat is hooking them up, but the average size seems to be in the 30-50 pound range. Most of these fish have been caught using Marlin lures, but the first boat that is able to find some long time floating debris should have a whale of a time! Average catch seems to be a fish for every three boats with a few boats getting two fish. Almost a Sea of Cortez exclusive due to the colder Pacific water.

WAHOO: I am seeing a few flags for these speedsters almost every day but most of the fish appear to be open water fish, not associated with any contour lines. I am fairly sure that there are current lines in the areas these fish are being caught but with the water having been as green as it is, most of these fish are being found up the Sea of Cortez to the north, in the clear water. Most of the fish have been caught on Marlin lures.

INSHORE: There have been some very nice Cabrilla caught this week and lots of Roosterfish averaging 10-15 pounds. The big boys should be showing up any day soon! There are still some nice Sierra and Pargo being caught. A mix of small live bait and Rapalas work just fine for almost everything, but each Panga captain has his own tricks and secrets.

NOTES: Sorry for the delay this week. Just had one of those Murphy’s Law Mondays.

Until next week, Tight Lines!
Capt. George Landrum

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