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George Landrum
7/2/01 05:10 PM
Cabo Fish Report [Post#: 311 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: It looked like summertime this week as the temperature remained in the 90’s during the day and the 80’s at night. There was a very light breeze almost every day, just enough to keep it from getting muggy. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we returned to the pattern of having evening breezes and we were able to sleep without the air conditioners on. Of course we received no rain and for the most part the skies remained clear, although we did have a couple of days with overcast mornings. All in all I would have to describe it as just about perfect.

WATER: The surface conditions were beautiful on both the Pacific side and the Sea of Cortez side of the cape all week until Friday. That is when the evening breezes started and the Pacific side got pretty choppy in the afternoons. The water was clear and blue up towards the north side of Gordo banks at the beginning of the week and as the time passed the blue water got closer until on Sunday it was just a few miles north of town. We no longer have the really dirty green water that was outside last week. As far as water temperatures go, the Pacific side is still pretty cold, as low as 64 degrees in most areas; the Sea of Cortez temperatures are running from 84+ degrees up outside the East Cape to 68-70 degrees outside the lighthouse. Later in the week the near shore, 1-6 miles out on the Cortez side up to San Jose, water was a lot warmer than the cold-water bulge forced in from the Pacific side.

BAIT: The standard price of $2 per bait with mostly Caballito but an occasional Mackerel in the mix. No Sardinas locally but more of the Pangas have Mullet available now if you want Roosterfish action. If there are no Mullet available then the small Caballito have been working well.


BILLFISH: Lots of Striped Marlin spotted early in the week with the numbers seen dropping as the week progressed. Many of the boats were able to get multiple hookups and a lot of the boats just went fish watching. There have been a few Blue Marlin caught this week and as the water continues to warm and clear up those numbers should increase. A mix of both lures and live bait fooled the Striped Marlin that bit. Solid green, blue/pink, bleeding mackerel and blue/silver seemed to be the “hot” colors for the week. The fish have seemed to be pretty lazy and full so we found that the best results with the lures were using flat faced ones that would produce a lot of activity at slow trolling speeds, about 5-6 knots. On the other side of the coin, a lot of the boats were using high speed lures to cover ground, mostly working Marlin spotted tailing, tossing out live bait when these fish were found.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: We are still waiting for the Yellowfin to show up again. There have been some caught among Dolphin up to the north on the Cortez side, but nothing like the two day bite last week.

DORADO: There are Dorado being caught but the sizes are starting to drop. Last week we were seeing them in the 50+pound range, this week the ones we were seeing were in the 35-pound size and quite a few of them were in the 10-pound and smaller category. Looking over my records, this happens every year and seems to be the beginning of the Dorado season. In a short while we should have plenty of Dorado in the 15-20 pound class, enough action for everybody! Can’t happen soon enough for me, I like it when everybody catch’s fish! Most of the fish this week were hooked on lures trolled for other species; they haven’t been thick enough yet to make them a targeted fish.

WAHOO: This week I continued to see Wahoo flags flying and every time I stopped to ask about them I was told that they were caught as an incidental catch while searching for Marlin. There have not been a lot of them, but regularly enough that I feel the chance of someone getting hooked up to a Wahoo this week had they decided to target them would have been fairly good. Absolutely no predictions from me about what happens in the future!

NEARSHORE: This has been very much a hit and miss fishing experience this week. The Roosterfish are much further up the Cortez side and were being found outside San Jose. There were a few caught closer but the concentrations were to the north. Not many Sierras this week but a few nice Pargo were landed. There have been large schools of Jack Crevalle out about 1 mile from the arch and they have been in the 5-6 pound range.

NOTES: The Dorado action should heat up soon; the Roosterfish should be moving into our area soon and there should be a lot more Blue Marlin being caught. We just have to keep our fingers crossed on the Yellowfin Tuna. The flat summertime water conditions are upon us and that makes for a very comfortable fishing experience. If you are looking forward to giving it a try, or are experienced anglers returning to Cabo I hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Until next week, Tight Lines!

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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