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Delta Guides
7/16/01 09:27 PM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 342 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 06-24-01 through 07-14-01

Fishing here held up OK for the time I was gone. The other guides had some fair and some good trips during the past weeks. I got back in time to run two trips before the week ended, and we had good fishing both days. During the days of the big tides at the first of July, they had some good luck on tailing fish on the flats. I also heard of a couple of tarpon that were caught during that time. Both tarpon I heard of were caught in deep holes by using crab for bait. Personally, I’ve not even seen one this year but I’ve not been fishing the areas where we would normally see them, I’ve been concentrating my effort on shallow water, and grassy areas and the tarpon are more usually seen in bigger water close to the ocean. We also had a couple of good days before I left. One day in particular, the client caught 7 nice reds and caught 6 of them on a hard surface bait. The other fish which was a 13# red was caught right at the boat with a spoon. We saw a fish tailing on a flat near us and we started poling through the tall grass to get to it. Part way through the tall stuff, a huge tail appeared in front of the boat about 6 feet away. Knowing that the surface bait would not penetrate the heavy grass, the client picked up the rod with the ½ oz. spoon and flipped the spoon to the fish. In mere seconds, the water exploded as the fish grabbed the spoon and headed for open water. A long hard battle took place in the heavy grass but the hook held and the line held, and good luck rained down on us and allowed us to get the fish to the boat and photo it. Many of these larger fish will wrap the line around grass and then simply break it since there is no drag to slip or rod to bend. Another group of clients had this happen to them this past weekend as we fished a rising tide in the tall grass once again. They boated two at 3# and 4# and had four larger ones break off. The line we use is 20# Fireline and tied to it is 30# Big Game mono for leaders. So, when we have one break the line or leader, we can be sure that it’s no small fish. A couple of really big reds were caught at the jetties by one of our guides. One weighed over 30# and two more were over 20#. They were caught on live menhaden fished right up in the rocks. When you fish like that, you can plan to loose a few rigs and also loose a few fish, but, getting one of these really huge fish up alongside the boat is worth all the trouble!

Totals for the past two weeks are: redfish totaled 17 with the largest being the ones from the jetties. Trout totaled 14 and most were the schoolie size and a couple at 2 ½ to 3#. There were also some blue fish, flounder, and lady fish caught.

My Alaska fishing trip was nothing short of fantastic. We caught pink salmon by fishing near river mouths using fly rods with a pink Clouser’s’s for bait. The salmon loved it, and the Dolly Varden trout did also. If anyone wants to know, the outfitter’s name is “Bear Creek Outfitters” Fly Fishing Guide Service in Juneau, AK.
You can contact them at:

Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC
E-mail Address:

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