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George Landrum
7/23/01 09:38 PM
Cabo Catch Report [Post#: 354 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

WEATHER: The entire week was warm and humid and I am positive we can look forward to more of the same in the future. Daytime temperature remained in the high 90’s for the most part and dropped into the low 80’s during the evenings. The beginning of the week and the last day of the week were times of little air movement while the middle of the week supplied afternoon breezes that cooled things down a bit. The first half of the week was clear and sunny with the last three days having a fair amount of overcast. My air conditioner was on every night. I wish the one in the van worked! (Ridin” the Wind)

WATER: Surface temperatures were into the high 80’s, up to 88 degrees in the Sea of Cortez offshore more than 10 miles. Inshore in the area fluctuated all week with the temps in the early part of the week being in the low to mid 70’s rising to the 80-degree range during the last few days. The Pacific side had 80-degree water out about the San Jaime and Golden Gate banks areas but much colder, in the low to mid 70’s just off the beach. Water conditions were good early and late in the week but Wednesday the winds kicked in from the northwest and caused some pretty choppy conditions off the Cape. (Los Surf)

BAIT: There has been just about anything you are looking for available except the Sardinas this past week. Mullet have been around and easy to come by if you special request in advance. Plenty of Caballito and Mackerel also, and all the baits have been available in both smaller and larger sizes. The normal price is still $2 per bait. (Small Fry)


BILLFISH: The Blue Marlin are finally starting to show up! A lot of these big billfish have been hooked up this week and a number of them have been over the 300-pound mark. Most of them have been caught on lures and one of the favorites has been a swimmer in green/black about 12-14 inches overall length. The warmer 82-degree water in the Sea of Cortez and south of the Cape have been the areas experiencing the Blue action this week but there are signs that the Pacific side ought to take off soon. There are still plenty of Striped Marlin around and these fish are being found in the cooler waters closer to shore. Most are about 1 to 6 miles out and there are still small packs of them out there. Tossing live bait to tailing fish, the time-honored method here, still reigns supreme. The Striped Marlin are ranging between 80 to as high as 180 pounds. (I Almost Lost My Mind)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: We are starting to see some decent Yellowfin Tuna again, but not yet in the super sizes we want. Inshore on the Sea of Cortez action was pretty steady on fish in the 25 to 50 pound range. Boats slow trolling small live baits or deep-running plugs off of planers or downriggers caught most of these fish. A spreader bar put out with the slow trolled baits seemed to help a few boats hook up. There were some very nice fish in the 60-90 classes caught about 30 miles south in the middle of the week. These fish were found associated with the Spotted Dolphin but they were moving through the area and did not stay long. Feathers and straight running Striped Marlin lures seemed to work well on these fish for the boats that got into them. (The Wedge)

DORADO: We still haven’t had any real concentrations of these great game fish, but that should change sometime soon. Did I say that last week also? They are around and it was common for a boat to get one or two on a trip and the fish have been between 15 and 30 pounds. Most of the strikes have been incidental fish caught on lures intended for Marlin, but a few have been targeted by boats finding a likely looking current area and chumming with chopped tuna and Caballito. (The Hearse)

WAHOO: Due to unforeseen circumstances I did not get a chance to try out a few techniques and areas that I wanted to this week and I saw no one else come in with and of these oceanic rockets either. Maybe this week? (Pier Pressure)

INSHORE: The action has been fair for Amberjack to 35 pounds on the Sea of Cortez side as well as for Yellowfin Tuna to 50 pounds. Early in the week the water off the beach was too cold for the Roosterfish but later on up towards San Jose it started to warm up and a few were caught by boats in the right place at the right time. Pangas fishing out about one mile found a few Striped Marlin as well as several Sailfish. Scattered Dorado have added a bit of spice to the variety normally found just outside the surf. (Camel Walk)

NOTES: As I write this we have a tropical storm approaching from the south. It is expected to pass well to the south of us and all we should experience is a bit of a build-up in the swell. I would like to thank the “Awesome Carp Snaggers” from S.C. for a great time while they were here and say to David that I am sorry you had to stay home and pass that kidney stone, you missed a good time! A friend and I finally got around to working at getting my roof sealed BEFORE the rainy time this year! This report was written while listening to that Fender guitar fanatic “Teisco Del Ray” on his “Many Moods Of” album from Upstart records @1994 This section written to (Storm Warning)!!!!

Until Next Week, Tight Lines

Capt George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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