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George Landrum
8/6/01 02:56 PM
Cabo Fish Report [Post#: 370 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: We had a slight bit of overcast during the last few days of the week but
most of it disappeared by Saturday afternoon. The rest of the week was sunny, hot and
a bit humid, perfect for fishing! Really made you glad to get out on the ocean! Daytime
temperatures were running in the 90’s all week and the evenings dropped into the 80’s,
pretty normal for this time of year. The humidity stayed up in the mid 50% to low 60%
for most of the week. No rain although for a while on Friday it looked as if we might
get a little damp, instead we watched it rain and lightning up in the mountains. (New

WATER: The water temperatures on the Pacific side kept fluctuating all week. In the
early part of the week the water went from 81 degrees one day to 76 the next and the
fish had moved out. The Sea of Cortez side has remained fairly consistent at around
82-84 degrees, but I can see on the sea surface temperature maps that we might be
headed for even higher temperatures soon. I hope that hot water stays away from us, I
don’t want to be seeing the water at 89 degrees! The conditions themselves have been
great on both side of the cape. Friday, Saturday and Sunday had the mid-day water on
the Pacific a bit choppy, but nothing unfishable. The best bite over there was in the
early morning anyway! (Fiddlin’ Around)

BAIT: There has been no problem getting plenty of Caballito for live bait. I have not
seen any Mackerel for the week but some of the boats are able to get a few now and
then. Mullet are still available if you make arrangements ahead of them and I hear that
a few of the boats have been able to get Sardinas once in a while. The normal prices
are still $2 per bait except for the Sardinas and the prices are reported to be extremely
variable for them, depends on how bad you want them I guess. (Diggy Diggy Lo)


BILLFISH: The Blue Marlin are appearing on a regular basis, I heard reports of a nice
#700 pound plus being caught on Tuesday. Most of the boats are getting at least a
strike a day on the Blues if they are in the right area, but there are still Striped Marlin
around that are resulting in most of the Marlin catches. Strangely enough most of the
fish have been found either on the Sea of Cortez side or due south of the cape, not
many are being reported from the temperature breaks on the Pacific side. The Spindle
beaks are still out there and each boat fishing seems to get a few a week. Favorite
lures for all the billfish have been in the Mean Joe Green and Bleeding Mackerel
patterns this week. Lures have been out-producing live baits by about 2-1. (The Devil
Comes Back To Georgia)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: This past week the Yellowfin bite dropped off from the hot action
on big fish that we saw last week. The fish that were found were mostly in the 10-20
pound range and were found just offshore out to a distance of about 3 miles. Tuna
feathers, Marauders and the old mainstay, cedar plugs were the best producers.
(Sadness Darlin’ Waltz)

DORADO: The action is starting to pick up for the showman of the sea! Finally we are
finding concentrations of the fish and the bite has been pretty good. Hooking up to 8 or
10 a day has been pretty normal if you target them and a few of the fish have been in
the 40-50 pound range. I have to admit that a lot of them have been under 10 pounds
but the average seems to be 12-15 pounds. Trolling with lures to locate the fish first
then tossing back a live bait for any followers has been producing well for most boats.
A few are finding the fish trolling then getting a chum line going to attract any others in
the area. There has been no particular color or lure that has worked better than others
but the fishing has definitely been better on the Pacific side of the cape than on the
Cortez side and the bite started out the first part of the week being better in the morning
and by Saturday and Sunday had shifted to mid-day. (Gold Rush)

WAHOO: I think if these fish had been targeted this week a boat could have done quite
well, as it was there were quite a few Wahoo flags flying in the Marina. Most of these
fish were caught out in the open in the blind while trolling for Marlin, but there seemed
to be consistent action on the ledge off of the Lighthouse at Cabo Falso. Most of the
fish were in the 30-40 pound class but a few were reported a lot smaller and a couple in
the 60 pound range were reported as well. (Sally Johnson)

INSHORE: The inshore action had been fairly good this week with quite a few Dorado
being found, a nice selection of Tuna for the boats in the right place at the right time
and there seems to have been in pick-up in the Jack Crevalle and Roosterfish action
just off the beach. Most of the Pangas have been working water in the 100-300 foot
depth range for the Tuna and Dorado and using Tuna Feathers for these fish. Live
mullet has been the producer for the Jack Crevalle and Roosterfish. (Ain’t Misbehavin’)

NOTES: Written while listening to some of the most awsome fiddle music I have ever
heard. Mark O’Connor’s album “Heroes” has him playing duets with all the people who
influenced him as he was learning his craft. They include Jean-Luc Ponty, Charlie
Daniels, Johnny Gimble, Doug Kershaw, Vassar Clements, Buddy Spicher, Kenny
Baker, Texas Shorty, Terry Morris, Benny Thomasson, Pinchus Zukerman, Stephane
Grappelli, Byron Berline and L. Shankar. Unbelievable album! Warner Brothers
Records, 1993.

Until next week, Tight Lines!
Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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