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George Landrum
8/13/01 04:57 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 378 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: We have had very nice conditions once again here in Cabo. It did get a
little muggy on Tuesday when we had some cloud cover move in. The temperature
was 81 degrees at 8am and the humidity was 84%! The rest of the week was not quite
the sauna that Tuesday was and we had daytime averages of 88 degrees and nighttime
lows in the high 70’s. Other than the clouds on Tuesday the week was fairly uneventful
as far as the weather was concerned. A slight pick up in the wind on Friday nigh has
continued on through today. (neuvo mexico)

WATER: Excellent surface conditions all week long but it started to get a bit choppy on
the Pacific side of the Cape on Saturday, due to the increase in wind. Water
temperatures on the Sea of Cortez have been fairly steady at 83-84 degrees
everywhere. Up until Friday morning the warm water had progressed around the Cape
to the point that we were recording water temperatures in the 84 degree range all along
the Pacific side up as far as the Candelaria area. When the wind started to blow the
cool water moved in and for the remainder of the week we have seen a finger of very
cold 76 degree water extending from Cabo Falso out to about 15 miles and up the
coast about 10 miles. (serinity on ultracloud)

BAIT: It has seemed to be pretty much limited to Caballito this week at the normal
price of $2 per bait. (santa fe 2 chama)


BILLFISH: The prevailing species now is the Blue Marlin and they have been pretty
abundant this past week. Almost every boat on every trip has at least seen or had a
strike from one, and a few boats have gotten multiple fish. The average size has been
around 200 pounds and a lot of them have been reported in the 350 range. Mean Joe
Green and Blue/Pink lures have been the hot ticket this week and the preferred sizes
are a bit larger than the smaller Striped Marlin lures. Most of the larger fish have been
taken on 14 inch+ sizes. The Sailfish have disappeared and the Striped Marlin have
become a bit sparse. There are still Striped Marlin around but they are no longer the
prevailing species. The preferred colors for lures with the Striped Marlin continue to be
bleeding mackerel. (snakeoilsurfer)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: A few of the football size Tuna have been showing up off the
arches but the larger fish have been away from Cabo. Reports from the Gordo Bank
are say that there are Yellowfin there and they are running 20-50 pounds, but they are
not abundant. A few of the boats were going out to the Cabrillo Seamount earlier in the
week and found Tuna in the 80-120 pound class mixed in with the porpoise, but these
fish did not stay around for long. (yasmeen)

DORADO: What a beautiful week for catching Dorado! I doubt if there was a boat out
this week that didn’t catch at least one, and most of the boats were getting four or more
per trip. There was a wide range in sizes with a few of the fish over 40 pounds, a few
under 10 pounds and the majority in the 15-25 pound range. A technique that worked
well for us was to get a Skipjack Tuna and slow troll it as a live bait down the middle
and pull three live Caballito around it. One smaller bait would be off the planer and two
would be surface baits off the outriggers. One would be standing by rigged on the
spinning rod ready to throw at a free swimming fish. This also resulted in the hookup of
quite a few Marlin and Sharks! Best lure colors for trolling were bleeding mackerel and
pink/blue. (butterfly+juniper)

WAHOO: Surprise, surprise, surprise, we had Wahoo show up this week! They were
not here in abundance but quite a few were caught off the ledge at Cabo Falso.
Strangely enough the best results were with surface lures. The normal patterns with a
Marauder or Rapala in them came up empty for the most part. The fish were all in the
20-30 pound range, not giants, but they sure were tasty! (chi-wahwah beauty)

INSHORE: The focus for the Pangas has been the Dorado and Roosterfish. The
Roosters are here and there is an occasional catch in the 60+ pound class. I talked to
one group of anglers who were not happy with the four small and one large Rooster
they caught, they thought all the Roosterfish were supposed to be as big as the first
one! Oh well, guess that getting the big one right off the bat can spoil it for you!
Roosterfish baits were live Mullet and the Dorado were being caught on live Caballito
and Mullet. (Drop of water on a dry stone)

NOTES: This weeks article was composed to the beautiful sounds of Ottmar Liebert +
luna negra and the album “Opium”. I think I have everything he has ever recorded!
Some of the best acoustical guitar ever! This is a two-CD set and is a Sight - and
-Sound set, it has both sound and when played on the computer, visuals. 1996, Sony
Music Entertainment.

Until next week, Tight Lines!
Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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