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George Landrum
8/20/01 05:35 PM
Cabo Catch Report [Post#: 389 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Again we have had typical Cabo weather, highs during the daytime in the
high 90’s and lows at night around the low 80’s. Humidity varied all week between 75%
and 45%. On Friday we had a bit of the tail end of a storm come through and it brought
with it some rain and a good bit of heavy wind. Most of the boats that went out that
morning were caught by surprise and were back in the Marina by noon. (Hillbilly Jazz)

WATER: Excellent surface conditions except for Friday when the storm blew by and
the water temperatures are also very good. The Pacific side has been a few degrees
cooler all week and the temperature seems pretty stable at 83-85 degrees in almost all
of the water within charter range. We may see some warmer water come in later in the
week if the trend continues. (Don’t Hop, Don’t Skip)

BAIT: The normal $2 per bait for Caballito and I haven’t seen a mackerel all week.
The Sardinas were not in evidence here in Cabo all week long. (Airmail Special)


BILLFISH: Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, what more can you ask
for? Everyone I have talked to agrees that this is the best Marlin fishing they have
seen in years! Most of the guys I have talked with have been fishing on the Pacific side
and there seem to be fish everywhere. It has not been uncommon for a boat to get
hooked up to three different species in one day and most of the boats that are trying for
billfish are finding at least one coming to the side of the boat. Blue/Pink, Mean Joe
Green and Bleeding Mackerel have been the hot colors this week. (Triple Stop Boogie)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There have been quite a few of the smaller football Yellowfin
found close to shore this week, but the large fish have been a bit scarce. Tuna up to
60 pounds have been found around the Red Mountain area but they have been depth
orientated rather than associated with Dolphin. Live Caballito slow trolled have gotten
good results, the hookups on lures have been few. A few larger fish have been caught
on the Pacific side around the Lighthouse and the Jaime Banks, again these fish have
not been associated with Dolphin. Live bait has worked the best and feathers run for
Dorado have gotten most of the remaining fish. (Be A Little Discreet)

DORADO: Good news all week on the Dorado scene, they are here in numbers! Most
of the fish have run in the 10-25 pound class with a few up to 50 pounds being caught
everyday. The best news is that they are in schools and when you hook one fish, there
are others around. That makes for plenty of good eating fillets to take home! Smaller
feathers and Striped Marlin lures have been good for the first fish and live bait or cut
bait insure that more are hooked up. (Swing Street)

WAHOO: Few and far between this week, the few caught were incidental fish caught
while trolling for Marlin. (Woodsheddin’)

INSHORE: The Roosterfish are cooperating well for the boats that are targeting them
and the pangas are also having good luck on Dorado and Yellowfin. A few of the
Pangas have caught Marlin this week, both Striped and Blue. The other inshore
species, with the exception on Amberjack, have been scarce. (Say Goodby To The

NOTES: Written to the music of Vassar Clements (I am on a fiddle streak!) on an
album titled “Hillbilly Jazz Rides Again”, 1986 on Flying Fish Records, Inc.
Vassar is one of the “Heros” from Mark O’Conners album of the same name.

Until next week, Tight Lines!
Capt George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

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