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George Landrum
8/27/01 02:36 PM
Cabo bite Report [Post#: 395 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: A very hot week in Los Cabos as we saw the temperatures at times climb
to over 100 degrees. The evenings have also been hot with the coolest this week at 83
degrees. One of the things that has made it bearable has been the humidity staying
low for most of the time. We have been averaging about 55% humidity and there has
been very little cloud cover except for the 26th. We had a bit of clouds and rain today,
just enough to dust off the plants! This was brought to us by the passage of a tropical
depression to the south of us. It also brought in about 7 hours of winds from the south
east at 20-30 knots, enough to make the water a bit choppy in the later half of the
morning. (Djobi, Djobi)

WATER: The surface temperatures have been ranging from 82 to 87 degrees, with the
cooler water being on the Pacific side from the lighthouse out to San Jaime and up to
Golden Gate banks. Everywhere else has been about 85 degrees and the water has
been very nice and blue. Excellent fishing conditions with just a slight breeze most of
the time to keep the surface a bit broken, except for Sunday when we saw a very
broken surface! (Viento del Arena)

BAIT: Most of the bait available has been Caballito and it has been the usual $2 per
bait. There has been no shortage of Mullet either and the same price applies. Very
few Mackerel are to be found and I have no information on the availability of Sardinas.
(Escucha Me)


BILLFISH: The Blue Marlin are biting very well and most of the boats that are trying for
them are having excellent luck. Almost any area you go to has had them around and
the favorite lures have been larger 14 inch plungers in Blue/Pink, Blue/Black and
Red/Yellow. There are still Striped Marlin around, mostly on the Pacific side in the
cooler water and they have been attracted to smaller 9-12 inch lures in the same colors
plus Mean Joe Green. The Blue Marlin have been averaging about #250 and the
Striped Marlin at #120. A few Black Marlin have been found so far this year and they
have all been in the #300-#500 range, nice tournament fish! (Montana)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: A few scattered football fish have been found with the Dolphin
and there have been fish scattered about close to shore, but I have not seen any this
week that would have gone over #50. This is not to say none have been caught, but no
one I have talked to has seen any larger than that. The largest concentration of Tuna
has been up just south of Gordo Banks and out at the Jaime banks. Best bets for them
have been cedar plugs and a few boats have had very good success with small
feathers in bright pink. (Volare)

DORADO: These fish have been the bread and butter of the charter fillet this week.
Every boat that has come in has been flying Dorado flags and most of them are able to
limit out on these great eating fish. A few of the boats have been very greedy and have
been exceeding the limits on a daily basis, the fish are that thick out there right now.
Most of the Dorado have been #12 - #15 and there are the few that go up to #50. Slow
trolled live Caballito have been the ticket for the larger fish and using the first fish as a
decoy and working bait strips has been the hot method for the schoolies. (Quiero

WAHOO: There were a few Wahoo caught this week and most of them were caught as
an incidental fish. A couple of boats targeted the Wahoo and had some success but it
was not a wide open bite. Most of the action came from the Pacific side and the Jaime
Banks plus the ledge off the lighthouse seemed to be the best producers. There was
no favorite lure used as they seemed to strike almost anything. (Trista Pena)

INSHORE: Dorado and Tuna along with a few Amberjack and a lot of smaller
Roosterfish seemed to make up the bulk of the action. By smaller Roosterfish I mean
fish in the 15-20# class, but there have been some very nice fish up to 65#’s taken this
week. A few of the Pangas have caught Blue and Striped Marlin as well. (Galaxia)

NOTES: Written to the sounds of the Gypsy Kings on the album “The Best Of The
Gypsy Kings”, Nonsuch Records, Warner, 1995. This album is one of my favorites for
parties when I need or want an upbeat dancing flavor to the music. No doubt in my
mind that if you like this kind of music you have heard of the “Gypsy Kings”, and if you
have not heard of them yet, you owe it to yourself to grab a sample from someone and
check them out.

Until next week,
Tight Lines
Capt. George Landrum

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