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8/31/01 03:05 AM
Reds love the rains [Post#: 400 ] Reply to this post

The rain we have been getting this past week is great. It lessens the salt content and flushes out the bays. The reds really like it and are really feeding. These past two days we caught our redfish on finger mullet, not over 5" long, but preferably 4". The redfish were also feeding on small crabs, from looking inside their bellies. We waited out the rains on Wednesday 8-29-01 and left the dock at 1:00 in the afternoon by 4:00 we had 6 really nice redfish and we dodged a rain shower and came in. The next day Thursday 8-30-01 we also waited the rain out and left the dock at 11:00 also by 4:00 we had 9 redfish ranging from 23" to 27 1/2". The redfish are being found along the Klondike Islands, Bunns Hole, and along the reef in California Hole. All of these are in Estes Flats area. "Good Catching To You" Capt. Charlie Newton 1-800-862-7987

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