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Alan Dwan
9/3/01 10:40 AM
Tuna trip from Ireland [Post#: 406 ] Reply to this post

Got home yesterday (Saturday) trip was OK 1240 Tuna average size 4.5 kg. We also had 6 Swordfish average size 55kg. we also had blue sharks but we cannot keep them as Ireland has no quota. I got a few pictures and will post them later on my site and a few here. Trere were about 75 Spanish pole boats there along with 20 French mid-water boats and 8 Irish mid-water boats, 20 Irish netters,10 French netters all these boats were working approx 120-160 miles Weast of Ireland between 12-14 dergees.We are allowed 1.5 miles of Tuna nets we had 8 shots our best was 235 and our worst wsa 48 we also had 35 on the lines trooling during the day time as we keep our nets abord during the day. The nets are shot at 10pm and hauled again at 6am .
I also got a bit of video footage and will get it on the site when I know how.

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