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George Landrum
9/3/01 03:19 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 408 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: This past week has been typical for Cabo this time of year. Most of the
days have been partly cloudy and the temperatures have been in the mid 90’s to just at
100 degrees during the day. Evenings have been a bit cooler, down to the low 80’s
and a reported 78 degree night on Tuesday. Humidity has been hovering between 50
and 75%. Monday saw the dumping of more rain in one day than we have seen all
year! Probably not more than an inch and a half, but it was enough to flood the streets
in town and pile up the sand. It has been raining up in the mountains all week, we have
been watching the clouds to see if we get any more here in town! (Prelude I)

WATER: The Pacific side of the cape has been a little rough from the arch to about 6
miles north for most of the week. The Sea of Cortez has been choppy all week but not
rough. This has been caused by the prevailing southeasterly winds brought on by the
passing of Tropical Storm Flossie and the monsoon trough brought into the region.
Hopefully these conditions will pass quickly. The water temperatures have remained
fairly steady at 83-85 degrees in almost all the fishing areas with the exception of the
near shore, within 4-5 miles of the coast. Early in the week there was a band of cold
water, as low as 79 degrees, that extended from Punta Gordo on the Sea of Cortez and
around the cape to about 15 miles up the Pacific side. Today the situation has
reversed itself and the band of cold water is now solely on the Pacific side. Other than
that, there seems to be no real temperature breaks out there. (Waterfall)

BAIT: The usual situation with the bait. Larger bait such as Caballito and Mullet are
$2 each and when there have been Sardinas available here in Cabo they have been
$25 a scoop. (Utopia: Man’s Dream, Part I)


BILLFISH: The billfish catch dropped off a bit this week, possibly due to the weather or
it may be the moon phase. Whichever, there are not quite as many Blue, Black or
Striped Marlin biting as there were last week. Not to say there aren’t any out there, but
most of the boats are only getting a couple of shots a day instead of the 4 or 5 shots
they were getting last week. Most of the action has been on the Sea of Cortez side for
the Blue Marlin and along the near shore temperature break for the Striped Marlin and
the few Sailfish that have been caught. Live bait has worked well on the Striped Marlin
and the Sailfish but the Blue Marlin are still being caught on lures, for the most part.
Favorite colors are the same as last week with an emphasis on the Mean Joe Green
pattern. (Utopia: Man’s Dream, Part 2)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There were some big Yellowfin showing up in the catch this past
week! Some of these bruisers were in the #150-#200 range and there were quite a few
in the #50 category. These fish were associated with the pods of Common Dolphin.
Live baits worked well for those prepared to use them but most of the fish were caught
on lures. Marlin lures and Cedar plugs have both took their share of the larger fish but
as usual, the really big ones fell for live bait. The run and gun, dropping a bait down
deep ahead of the Dolphin accounted for more than just a few of the larger fish. The
only problem with the bigger fish was the inconsistency in location. Every day it was a
hunt to see where they had gone. There were plenty of football #20 fish to be found
around the Dolphin, but again, it was a hunt. (There’s Some Light Ahead)

DORADO: We were seeing a lot of Dorado caught last week and a few of them were
real bruisers, large fish in the 50# plus range! Most of them were smaller fish with a lot
of them running from 8# to 20#. The fish were schooling and boats that went to light
tackle such as fly or spinning gear had a blast with these small fish. A stand-by rod
ready with a live bait was the ticket to getting the bruiser that occasionally cruised
through. The normal technique of holding a hooked fish near the boat and using
topwater plugs, flys or bait strips ensured steady action. Most of these fish were
caught along the temperature break on the Pacific side but there was a fair showing on
the Gordo Banks and along the shore on the Sea of Cortez. (Centrifugal Force)

WAHOO: Few and far between this past week. (Prelude II)

NEAR SHORE: The Pangas have been focusing on the Dorado this week and have
been doing quite well. A few of them have been getting Marlin as well. The more
traditional inshore fish have been off the bite a bit, possibly due to the shifting of water
temperatures, plus the nearshore water on the Sea of Cortez has been a bit off colored.
Early in the week there were reports of good Roosterfishing on the Pacific but that has
fallen off in the last few days. (Waterfall II)

NOTES: Written to the soothing sounds of John Klemmer on his tenor and soprano
saxophone as evidenced on his album “Waterfalls”, 1972, MCA Records. Please let
me know if anyone ever listens to any of the music I list here, I wonder sometimes if I
am just stranger than everybody else in my musical tastes! Until next week, Tight
Capt George Landrum
“Fly Hooker’ Sportfishing

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