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George Landrum
9/10/01 03:19 PM
Cabo Fish Report [Post#: 424 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Today it finally cooled off a bit and we had nighttime temperatures around
82 degrees. Early in the week the highs were getting into the 100 degree range and
the nighttime temps were in the low 90’s to high 80’s. No air-conditioning needed last
night! We had quite a few clouds this week as storms continued to pass well to the
south. These clouds dropped a lot of rain in the Sierras but we only got a little bit here
in Cabo. Our strongest downpour was Thursday afternoon and we had a bit of
lightning and thunder to accompany it. (Possession)

WATER: Early in the week the surface conditions were not too bad, but after mid-week
the passing of bad weather to the south of us caused the swells to increase and the
wind to shift. Both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez experienced choppy conditions
and the Pacific side became a bit rough. Water temperatures on the Pacific side
averaged 80 degrees while that on the Sea of Cortez maintained about 3 to 4 degrees
warmer. Near shore the water was a bit turbid and green. (Wait)

BAIT: The usual $2 per bait and almost exclusively Caballito. Those wanting live baits
for larger Blue or Black Marlin were able to catch small Skipjack Tuna just offshore.
Sardinas were available to the boats running up to Gordo Banks and the price on them
had gone up to $30 a scoop. (Plenty)


BILLFISH: Blue Marlin to #700 were caught this week, but most of them weighed
200-300#’s. There are still some Striped Marlin hanging around, mostly on the Pacific
side of the Cape. The Blues are on the Cortez side and up the Pacific to the area of
the lighthouse. That is not the only area they have been found but that is where the
concentrations have been found. One nice thing about this week has been that they
are not too far offshore, only around 2-8 miles! The Blues have been attracted to Lures
and if not hooked on them, live bait dropped back has worked. Live bait for the Striped
Marlin has been the ticket this week. Best lures have been blue/silver and the mean
Joe green. (Good Enough)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: My favorite fish to catch made a showing mid week 30 miles
offshore mixed in with a large pod of Porpoise. I didn’t get a chance to work these fish
but the boats that did were catching 2-6 per boat and the weights were ranging from
60-100 pounds. Cedar plugs were the ticket for the boats that were there. The fact
that the water roughened up quite a bit the day they were found kept a lot of boats from
working the area. Gordo Banks has continued to put out some nice Tuna and the best
results have been by boats using Sardinas for bait. These fish have been averaging
15-20 pounds but a few are in the 40-60 pound class. An occasional larger fish was
hooked up but due to the light line being used to get the strikes, these fish were lost.
(Hold On)

DORADO: Still the number one catch this week as well as last week, the average size
has been around 10-12 pounds. Quite a few in the 25# plus category were caught and
most of the very large fish, 50#+ were associated with floating debris. 6 inch feathers
and jigs were the lure of choice for the schooling fish and once the larger fish showed
up live bait worked very well. Most of the Dorado were found on the Pacific side of the
Cape within 5 miles of shore. (Circle)

WAHOO: Pretty much absent for the past week. (Elsewhere)

INSHORE: Most of the inshore fishing was for Dorado this week. The large swells
made working the surf line a bit dangerous and not many Roosterfish were caught due
to that reason. Other inshore species were found scattered on the Cortez side of the
cape but not in any quantity. (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy)

NOTES: My musical selection for the week was Sarah McLachlan’s “Fumbling
Towards Ecstasy”, 1993, Artista records. What a beautiful voice!

Until Next Week, Tight Lines,
Geroge Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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