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George Landrum
9/17/01 02:21 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 429 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Top of the news on the weather scene this week was the approach of
tropical storm “Ivo”. The Port Captain recalled all boats that were out fishing after noon
on the 12th and shut the port down on the 13th. The winds reached 45 knots on the
evening and early morning of the 12th and by the afternoon of the 13th had almost
disappeared as “Ivo” passed well to the south-west. There were very large swells,
some reported as 12-15 feet as a result of the passage, but by Friday the seas had
settled down quite a bit even if the water was still a little off color as a result.
Temperatures were in the mid 90’s daytime and in the low 70’s in the evenings most of
the week and the winds were prevailing from the south-east almost all week. (Criollo)

WATER: As reported above the water on the Pacific side of the cape was very rough
mid-week but the early and later part of the week it was very nice., We had a definite
temperature break off of the lighthouse going onto the Pacific side starting mid-week,
probably as a result of the passage of “Ivo”. Cool water in the low 80’s and high 70’s
were intruded upon by a finger of warmer 83 degree water that reached almost out to
San Jaime Banks. The Sea of Cortez was showing water temperatures up into the 86
degree range past Gordo Banks but the waters nearer home registered in the low 80’s
but with a slight off color. (Caracas)

BAIT: Pretty much Caballito at $2 per bait for the week. I had no reports on Sardinas,
the storm may have made getting them a bit difficult. (La Nueva Ola)


BILLFISH: The Billfish catch rate dropped of quite a bit this week due to a number of
reasons. Among them were that the water temperatures had dropped a bit, we had a
new moon and the water became very rough mid-week. There were reports of some
nice size Blue Marlin early in the week and after “Ivo” had passed the Striped Marlin
bite seemed to turn on for a few days along with a bit of Sailfish action. The Marlin
concentration seemed to be on the Sea of Cortes side, perhaps associated with the
warmer water temperatures. Most of the Billfish action was on lures and the Dorado
and Bleeding Mackerel combinations seemed to draw a few more strikes than other
lures. (Bogota)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Football Tuna were the rule this week although a few boats were
able to find fish that were a delight for the anglers. That’s not to say that there is
anything wrong with 15-25 pound Yellowfin, it’s just that when there is the possibility of
a 100# fish, the smaller ones can be a bit of a letdown. The larger fish were
associated with Dolphin and the smaller fish were found along the contour lines. Action
on the footballs was spread evenly between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez with the
majority of the action at Gordo Banks, mostly due to the water conditions on the Pacific
side. Cedar Plugs and 6” feathers were the tools of choice for the Football fish and
Marlin lures worked well on the larger Yellowfin. (Ritmo De Los Angeles)

DORADO: Once again the life saver for many boats, the Dorado were the happening
fish for the past week. Every boat that went out was able to catch a few and if they
were the targeted fish it was no problem to be able to pick and choose the ones you
wanted to fight and keep for fillets. The majority of the larger fish were on the Pacific
side but the big schools were inshore on the Sea of Cortez. Live Caballito slow trolled
worked wonders on the larger Dorado and the schoolies were suckers for strip baits.
Unfortunately I did see many boats come in with coolers loaded with small 6-8 pound
school Dorado. A 120 quart cooler filled with fish of that size well exceeds the limits
allowed by the government and is a real abuse of the resource. Limit your catch, don’t
catch your limit! (Europe 70-1)

WAHOO: I caught one on a busman’s holiday but I saw maybe two other Wahoo flags
this week. My fish was a lucky strike as I was trolling for Marlin at the time, he struck
on a 5.5 Zuker in Bleeding Mackerel trolled at 9 knots and just off the ledge outside
Chileno Beach. (Impossible Guitar)

INSHORE: Due to “Ivo” the inshore Panga fishery was mostly directed to the
“Nearshore” area. The majority of the catch consisted of Dorado with a few Yellowfin
Tuna tossed in for good measure. (Big Dome)

NOTES: Our prayers and sympathy go out to everyone that lost a friend or relative in
Tuesdays shocking attack. Those that lost someone close need our prayers and the
countless people that have lost their homes or jobs as a result are also in need. We
have many friends that work in the area surrounding the World Trade Centers and the
stories that we hear from them make you proud to be an American. People helping
each other with little regard for the risks to themselves and the outpouring of
assistance, whether it be in the form of labor, money, goods or prayer. It is uplifting to
know that with terrorism now in our house our government has finally taken a firm stand
against those countries that support it. It is unfortunate that many more innocent
people are likely to lose their lives in the days, months and years to come before we
can become the ideal, “One World, One People”. Please pray for the end to the
insanity before it destroys us.
Written to the confused eclectic world guitar sounds of Phil Manzanera on “Primitive
Guitars”, 1983, Virgin Records. Check it out (Europe 80-1)!

Capt. George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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