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9/18/01 01:40 AM
South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 430 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Weekly Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
Week of 09-09-01 through 09-15-01

This week started with a bang! Sunday’s charter caught a 13#, 9# and a 6# red and a trout that weighed in at over 2#. The next day we had a 10 ½ # red and a 4# red for an afternoon trip. Next trip was a half day and we got into the 8# school and caught 3 of them and lost another. Last trip was a full day and we managed to catch two nice 6# reds on the fly rod using a gold “Hamilton Spoonfly”. These fish came from 5 or 6 feet away to grab the lure, and it was a heart stopping sight to see them rushing at the fly. Most of the other fish were caught on the old favorites of spoons and mullet minnows. I know some people tend to look down on the guides and fishermen that use live bait, and think to themselves that bait fishing is somehow a less noble way to catch fish. However, if a client is not fortunate enough to be able to fish often and keep his casting skills razor sharp, why should he be thought less of for using what ever bait he can, that will work? I’m sure practically everyone would prefer to catch these fish on fly rods, but it just isn’t going to happen when a guy might only get a chance to fish one or two days a year and on those days the wind is at 15 to 20 knots! These guys fight the fish hard, get it in quickly, and release it after a photo just like the other guys do, so, give them a break, they are as sportsmanlike as any other fisherman.

Totals for the week were: Reds totaled 10 fish from 4# to 13# and one trout of 2#.

Thanks, Gene Dickson
Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC

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