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George Landrum
10/8/01 04:24 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 449 ] Reply to this post


NOTES: This report begins in reverse due to the recent weather we had, Hurricane
Juliet. My wife, Mary, did an update a few days ago just to keep everyone informed of
what is going on and I will just touch on that before I hit on the fishing.
Bad news; Plaza las Glorias dock is gone, the outer half of the new marina near the
navy base is gone and the older fuel dock got busted up a bit. Good news; only one
cruiser sunk, the “Redrum” and about 8 Pangas went down. Bad news; we are being
rationed diesel fuel at 100 liters per day. Good news; Monday the 8th is the target date
for being able to go back to normal.
We now have power and water back to the slips and it is difficult to tell there was a
Hurricane here at all, at least as far as the Marina is concerned. The water pipes to
town have been repaired half way down and should be completed soon, all the resorts
have water and power, just not many clients. All the restaurants and bars are open.
The main part of town and the marina are in fine shape, it was the outer barrios that
sustained the most damage and the businesses here need tourists in order to keep
income flowing for their employees. That is what the people need, and since the
fishing is great, come on down and help out! (Written to the music of “Dire Straits”
album “Brothers in Arms”, 1985 Warner Brothers. Long live Mark Knopfler!)

WEATHER: Hurricane Juliet brought sustained winds of about 105-125 mph and a
very steady and prolonged rainfall. Once the storm had passed, basically all this past
week, the winds have been light. There has been no rain, lots of sunshine and the
daytime highs have been around the high 80’s. The night time lows have been in the
mid 70’s, we have not needed to use any air conditioning at all! (Ride Across The

WATER: All right, here is the interesting stuff! The runoff washed out tons of debris
and it has formed up into several distinct trash lines. These lines are out at six miles
and 18 miles on the Pacific side. The water inside the closer trash line was pea green
and 82 degrees on Tuesday, the water between the trash lines was green and 78
degrees and the water outside 18 miles was light green but colder at 75 degrees.
Since Tuesday the water has cleared up and the trash lines have tightened up a bit.
The outside water has become a clearer, off-blue and the rest has cleared up also.
The same situation exists on the Sea of Cortez side. When looking at the temperature
charts you can see a very distinctive band of warm water wrapping around the cape.
On the Pacific side this band abuts the western edge of San Jaime Banks, and if we
had the fuel available I think the action in this area would be outstanding. We have a 5
degree difference in temperature combined with a sharp drop in bottom contour and a
color differential and a debris line! What more could you ask for? (Maybe more than
100 liters a day in diesel?) (So Far Away)

BAIT: Bait is still available but yesterday we were not able to get any Caballito, instead
everyone had small jacks. They seemed to work fine, our boat caught a Striped Marlin
on them and the prices have been the standard $2 per bait. There are Caballito being
caught, you just have to be there at the right time. (Money For Nothing)


BILLFISH: Prior to the Hurricane there were plenty of Blue and Striped Marlin, along
with some Sailfish. For the past week the Billfish catch has dropped off and there have
been few Blue Marlin. For the most part it has been Striped Marlin and Sailfish. Our
boat caught two Striped Marlin in three days of fishing and we were one of the few to
be able to do that. As the water clears up and the debris lines start to hold fish, the
Blue Marlin catch should jump right back up there! The first few days after the
Hurricane the fishing was good for Sails and Stripes but as the green water spread out
the bite dropped off. Almost all the action on Marlin has been outside the outer debris
line, but as the food chain builds around the debris the action should start picking up.
(Walk Of Life)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Again, the first few days after the storm saw quite a few large
Tuna caught, most of them in the 60-150 pound range. These fish were Porpoise
associated fish and were found as close as 10 miles out. As the green water spread,
they were further and further away. As of yesterday they had all but disappeared, but
as the water returns to its normal blue condition they should show again. There has
been fairly consistent action on the football size Tuna along the debris lines and these
fish are falling for small 6” lures in pink and white. Most of these footballs are between
10 and 15 pounds. (One World)

DORADO: Without a doubt the Dorado is the fish of the week in Cabo, and it just may
be the fish of the month by the end of October. All the debris in the water is
concentrating the fish and the action has really started to take off. Almost every boat
fishing has been able to get their limit of Dorado in a few hours and many of the boats
are going to sight fishing, just tossing live bait to the largest fish seen. Median size
has been 12 pounds but the average should go up quickly as the weeks go on. Slow
trolled strip baits along with the same feathers that are producing for the Tuna have
been the methods and lures of choice for most of the boats. The larger fish have been
in the 25-30 pound range with a few up to 60 pounds. It looks like the action ought to
really take off soon! (TheMan’s Too Strong)

WAHOO: Nothing to report here as far as I have seen this reporting period, but there
were a few Wahoo flags seen just after the storm. (Why Worry)
INSHORE: Most of the inshore action was non-existent this reporting period due to the
heavy surf and very green water. Most of the Pangas have been working the water just
offshore looking for Dorado and Tuna. (Brothers In Arms)

NOTE: Just a short addition, today we are allowed to have as much fuel at the dock as
we want, hope it stays that way. We got City water this morning. So come on down
and enjoy the fishing!

Until Next week ,Tight Lines !
Capt.George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing

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