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10/9/01 01:07 AM
Fall Bite Is On!!! [Post#: 450 ] Reply to this post

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October 8, 2001

I can already tell that it's going to be a productive inshore fishing season. This is due to the fact that the proof is already taking place. The trout are hitting live shrimp on the traditional float rigs and you can even switch to artificial once you get them in a feeding frenzy.  The Spottail bass are basically legal, which means most caught are over 14 inches.  You best bait is still going to be live shrimp. However a combination of artificial screw tail and fresh dead will work.  The larger Spottail bass prefer finger mullet to live shrimp.  Your main bait of shrimp is plentiful.  Bring you cast net and catch your own.  For those who don't want to mess with the old cast net most marina and tackle stores have plenty to sell.  

I love fishing at this time of the year.  There is one very good reason why I feel this way and that is because I do usually catch lots of fish.  This is due to the fact that the artificial reefs and hard bottom areas are full of bottom fish.  Not only do I know when they arrive I know where they are going, which makes my job of making my charters customers happy a lot easier.  I might need to add that I have been following fish and their habits for almost forty years.

Here are some of my suggestions for catching not fishing:

All artificial reefs located off of Georgia are holding some type of fish either bottom or top fish.  The reefs that are located in less than 50 feet of water that are made up of low relief structure such as concrete, tire sections, low flat barges with some height structure, and pallet balls are your best spots for finding bottom fish.  The biggest build up of bottom fish, such as Black Sea bass, blue fish, sheepshead, and trout can be found holding on all of the above.  However, look to find sheepshead on the higher structure.  All of the above fish, with the exception of the sheepshead will hit squid or shrimp.  However, I have caught sheepshead with squid and shrimp on more than one occasion, but they prefer the fiddler crab the best.  For artificial reefs and hard bottom areas that are located in 50 and over are also holding lots of bottom fish, but you can add king mackerel to the mix. (see below where you can find the king mackerel) You can catch the bottom fish with just plain old squid or you can target larger fish using live bait.  The live bait will get the attention of the larger bottom fish and this is a proven fact.  The down side to targeting only big fish is that you won't catch as many as you do the smaller ones.  That's a decision that you have to make. At this time of the year this is all possible for anyone that puts a loaded hook in the water.  Go get them!

Top water-fishing season for Spanish mackerel is not over.  In fact this past week large schools of surface feeding Spanish were seen by the Wassaw Sea buoy and in Tybee Roads areas. Give those Clark spoons and any of your favorite surface pulling plugs out because I can guarantee that they will work on these fish they are real hungry.  The fall/winter run of the king mackerel has started.  The L-Buoy, J-Buoy, CCA-Buoy, and Gray's Reef are the spots where these fish migrate too during the cooler months.  The bait has been here for a couple of weeks.  Now that the big fish have arrived and they are ready for action.  All I can say is "It's tight lines time again!"

Haven't gone in a while the Northeast winds have kept me from going, but I am looking forward to seeing the blue water once again.  It's wahoo time for sure! Soon we will know for sure!

Luther who runs the "White Knight" took the ride.  However, the catching wasn't very good. He worked the South ledge and had only one knock down. They only saw a few schools of little tunny in that area.  They moved back into the R 6 naval tower and caught quite a few king mackerel.

Due to our high and long lasting northeast winds over the past few weeks the Savannah Snapper Banks are covered with patches live Sargasso weeds.   This weed is providing a great haven for smaller fish. Where there is bait, you will probably find larger fish.  There were a few dolphins and king mackerel caught this past week from under these floating gold mines.

Little Miss Judy's Believe it or Not!
I think I have already established the fact that daddy was a very colorful coastal character.  He just saw things his way and he had little regard with the way things were supposed to be.  At least when it came to painting his boats, rod/reels, and fishing lures.  I remember daddy always having numerous cans of colored spray paint stored up in bow of his boat.  He kept these cans up right in a cardboard box.  This is what I called his emergency change-o-color lure kit.

The most popular lure from his time was the famous "Cisco Kid."  I am not talking about a plastic, molded lure with eyes that shake and rattle.  I am talking about a wooden, hand crafted lure with life like eyes.  This wooden lure had style and it caught lots of fish, especially big cobia.  This was my daddy's favorite fish to catch.  When daddy was fighting a cobia, he always had twinkle in his eye.  Back in those days the color of the lure was very important, but the tackle store couldn't always get what you wanted.  Daddy had a method, when the fished stopped hitting his present color lure he would simply change it, but not like you think. It was very simple, he held the lure up by the line that it was tied to and simply sprayed it the color he though would work the best.  The basic colors were red, white, black, sliver, gold, and blue, he also did two tone paint jobs.  His explanation for the two tone lures was very simple, on some feeding occasions the fish looks up and on others they choose to look down when scanning for their next meal. After his fast paint job, he would wave the lure a little, and then throw it back into the water.  There was a problem with his painting technique, you better not be standing down wind of the paint spray.  

Sea You Later

Captain Judy

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