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10/9/01 02:03 PM
Boca Grande / Charlotte Harbor, weekending 10/7/01 [Post#: 451 ] Reply to this post

Fishing Report for Charlotte Harbor / Boca Grande
Weekending 10-07-01

We started out the week fishing the upper stretches of the harbor, and found a few early morning tarpon milling around just outside of the Peace River Bridge.

Large Schools of Jacks were literally everywhere. Jacks school by size. One minute we would find a school of half pounders, and the next, five pounders. On the shallow grass flats south of Alligator, we found a few pods of 10 – 15 pounders, which were eager to blast everything you threw at them. This was mostly an early morning or late afternoon proposition.

Small Snook were also found up along the Mangroves at high tide, and working the outside bars along the eastern wall at dead low. Most of the small creek mouths along the wall also held small Snook, as did the canal systems of PGI. Surprisingly though, we did not find too many Redfish in the upper stretches of the harbor.

Working south toward the middle and latter part of the week, we fished the southern parts of the western wall, the outside islands and sand bar surrounding Turtle Bay, as well as a few of my Snook holes well into the interior of Bull Bay. We were literally greeted with willing Snook at almost every stop. Most were small, however, their numbers compensated for their lack of size.

We also found large schools of 15- 20lb Jacks crushing Mullet and Sardine Schools on the outside grass flats. While exciting, this proved to be too much work for an all day affair, and we quickly shifted our attention to the Redfish and Trout bite. Unfortunately, the Redfish bite tapered off a bit this week. Although we caught a few, the large schools of last week were nowhere to be found. Instead we picked up a 25” incher here and there, mixed in with a ton of pups in the 12 – 17” range.

Late in the day proved well for trout fishing. Any of the deeper grass flats on a rising or falling tide held fish. Pick any deep, bait holding grass flat just before sundown, and get ready for some fast & furious action. A strike on every cast is a possibility when a school is found. Most were between 15 – 20”, however, we did manage one hog that measured just under 29.”

As for bait/lures: We loaded up with small white bait and Sardines, however, we mostly threw top water plugs (Storm Chug Bug, Zara Puppy & Yozuri Crystal Minnows) early & late, and spoons & jerk baits in the day. Locating quality size white bait had been difficult for us this week. Fortunately, the Snook, Trout and Jacks didn’t seem to mind everything else.

Once this minor front passes by midweek, fishing should again return to normal. This weekend will bring the Mercury/Ranger Redfish Tour to Sarasota. Get your fishing in by Thursday, as Friday and Saturday will attract several tournament boats to the harbor.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Allan B. Beraquit
Coast II Coast Fishing Charters, Inc.
1-866-4-TARPON /

Capt. Allan Beraquit
Coast II Coast Fishing Charters, Inc.

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