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10/16/01 00:11 AM
Windy Woes [Post#: 458 ] Reply to this post

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October 15, 2001

My one request for this week is to please have someone turn the wind machine off! For the last few weeks the Northeast winds have dominated our coast with a howling effect. Not only does it make the ocean fishing rough it also effects the bite of inshore species. So as far as I am concerned both inshore and offshore fishermen are siting at the dock. The few that have braved the element of the winds didn't have to bad of a fishing day. All they said they had to do was to fine a place safely and try to get out of the wind. Us ocean fishermen aren't quite that lucky! So read on to find out what should be biting at this time of the year!

As I wrote previously, there were some that did go fishing in the windy conditions. A few of our inshore boats made it to their secret spots and caught a quite a few trout and Spottail bass the past week. Captain Jack McGowan did quite well with the trout on live shrimp using the traditional float rig. His customers were happy and they loved the bumpy boat ride to Captain Jack's secret trout spot. Captain Brian Woelber has a great day on the Spottail bass. He caught all of them on artificial lures. He had wanted to use live shrimp, but gave up on casting the old net and went straight to the fish's mouth. I wanted to tell you what he used, but he was vague on the secret lure that he had made. I will probably find out the true story about the rig and will be able to pass it on to you next week.

I had one unnamed fisherman drop by the dock and he had some of the biggest whiting that I have seen in a long time. He caught them with fresh dead shrimp while using small hooks. According to the unnamed fisherman he caught them in the Cabbage Island area. Inshore fishermen are getting as bad as us offshore fishermen when it comes to that particular location. Inshore fishermen say, over there near the shore or by the oyster rake area. Have you seen all of the oyster rake areas over there? Us offshore fishermen are the worst when it comes to our secret fish locations. Here's one for you, take a 120-degree heading from the sea buoy and look for the color change. I think you get the drift. If we all did that the fish would be safe forever.

The fall winter run of the king mackerel has started without us. This is due to the fact that we haven't been able to get offshore because of the high winds. The last time I fished offshore there were reports of king mackerel being caught around the naval towers to the artificial reefs that are located in 50 feet of water. Slow troll, live lining with light tackle, and regular trolling caught some of the king mackerel. So it seems all-fishing methods will work. I like pulling a 3 ½ drone spoon 30-feet behind a #3 Davis planer. This I attach to a rod and reel that has 60 pound test wire line on it. I catch most of my mackerel using this rig. If you happen to have down riggers you can also use the drone spoon down deep. I have another bait that I also use behind the planer and it's a "Judy Jig" with a rigged ballyhoo. The "Judy Jig' is a 21/2 orange lead head that has a chartreuse skirt attached to it. I put three 6/0, 7/0 or 8/0 hooks in line together. It's easy just slightly open the eye and slip the tip of the hook in eye then close. Three in line hooks are the trick to this rig. The first hook goes through the bottom jaw of the ballyhoo with the second hook hitting somewhere near the middle, leaving the third to the rear of the ballyhoo. The reason I listed three different size hooks is that when using different size ballyhoo one set might not be the right size. So be ready to change up.

The bottom fall fishing is great. We have already started catching bottom fish as we always do at this time of the year. The migration of some of the bigger bottom fish is still going on as I am writing this. Large sea bass have already moved into 80 feet of water on the live bottom areas. We caught a few in 35 feet of water last week, but the winter build up of these fish hasn't totally arrived. So for the little time, due to the windy fronts, that I have spent offshore bottom fishing it have been real productive. A few gag grouper started moving into the shallower water during the middle of last month. However the total migration hasn't taken place as of yet. These big grouper love live bait and hit it with much more force than they do in the deeper water. So please keep that in mind when you are trying to catch one of these fish off of artificial reef bottom. They will take you bait offering and quickly retreat back into the safety of the wreck. Your plan should be to tighten you drag a little more, shorten your leader up, and use circle hooks.

NO WAY, but there is always next week!

My father's theory for two-tone lures was a simple one. Upon holding a fish he explained his reasons. According to daddy, most all fish have a darker color upper body section and a lighter colored stomach area. I had to agree with the statement because it was true. Now according to Daddy the reason was simple. When a fish looks up to feed he can't see the fish that's above him as well because the lighter bottom blends in with the surface light. The darker color comes into play when a fish is looking down to feed. The fish can't see the fish below him because the top of the fish is dark. This is due to the fact that the fish blends in with the bottom. According to my father's logic fish were just made this way for their own protection. My father's theory was simply to switch the color. Put the light on top and dark on the bottom. This simple reversal can make the difference in a big fish hookup. I know for a fact because I have seen and experienced my father catches. Don't panic when you can't buy these lures. Just take a couple of your old lures, a few different color cans of spray paint, and give it a try. After all that's what fishing is all about.

Sea You Later,

Captain Judy

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