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George Landrum
10/16/01 06:00 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 459 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Comfortably cool in the evenings with the temperature in the mid to low
70’s has everyone here happy. It sure is nice to sit outside at night and not be
sweating! Keeps the beer from getting too warm also! Daytime temps are in the high
80’s and low 90’s and we have had very few cloudy time periods during this past week.
(Ain’t A Single Blue Marlin ((That Ain’t Heard A Buffet Song))

WATER: At the beginning of the week the water out to 50 miles was banded,
alternating green and blue water in strips approximately 5-10 miles wide. The warmer
water was closer to shore. As of today the water has returned to mostly blue
everywhere you go, with the really deep cobalt blue having come within 25 miles.
There is a 15 mile wide warm water band running from approximately the 90 spot and
wrapping around the cape out towards the Golden Gate Banks, This water is in the
80-82 degree range and once past it the temperature drops to around 75 degrees over
a 5 mile range. This temperature change is also the current line that had all the
hurricane debris stacked in it, stuff from root balls to tree trunks and palm fronds.

BAIT: Mostly Caballito at the usual $2 per bait but there have been a few Mackerel
found in the bait boat tanks. I have still not heard any word about Sardinas. (The
Mullet, The Mackerel & The Ballyhoo))


BILLFISH: The billfish of the week has been the Striped Marlin but there have been a
few Blues reported. Most of the Striped Marlin have been found on the Pacific side of
the Cape or due south and the Blues are reportedly being found up on the Sea of
Cortez where the water is a bit warmer. Hopefully that warm water is headed our way
and the big Blues will return sometime this week. The Striped Marlin that have been
caught have fallen for live bait for the most part, very few have been reported on lures.
The opposite is true on the Blue Marlin and the best lures have been Bleeding
Mackerel and Dorado colors. A few Sailfish have been reported as well but not nearly
as many as were found last week. (Big Game Fishin”)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Some very nice Tuna have been caught this week with the larger
ones up to almost 200 pounds. All of these fish have been found with the Porpoise and
as usual, the fist couple of boats on the scene have had all the luck. There has been
no area in particular that these fish have been concentrated in. The water has had to
be cobalt blue and both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez side have been producing these
fish. There have been quite a few smaller football fish found closer to shore and in the
debris lines and there have been some of them associated with the Porpoise also.
Most of the large Tuna have fallen for Marlin lures but a few have been captured by
dropping back a live bait as one hooked on lures is being fought. (Hooked On Fishin’)

DORADO: Striped Marlin may have been Billfish of the week but there is no doubt in
any ones mind that Dorado have been the fish of the week. With all the debris and
trash out there to form food chains and provide shade the Dorado have been
super-abundant. It has been difficult to pull away from the fast and furious action to try
another species and with the fish running up to 40+ pounds many anglers have opted
to go for the cooler of fillets instead of a Billfish release certificate. A lucky number
have been able to accomplish both. While some of the fish have been in the 40 pound
range the average size has been 10 pounds. Most of the boats have been releasing
anything under that size and keeping only the Dorado over 15 pounds. The catch has
been on a mix of lures, live bait and cut bait. Most of the larger fish have been on live
bait and lures, fished very close to the debris lines. Most of this action is taking place
on the Pacific side from 8 to 18 miles out, depending on currents. (Flying Fish)

WAHOO: I have seen a few flags and heard a few fish reported but there still seems to
be a lack of focus or concentrated effort. No doubt the San Jaime and Golden Gate are
holding a few fish and if they are not on the surface they are deep. The fish reported
caught have been incidental catches, as usual. (Hooked On Fishin’)

INSHORE: The same report as last week on the inshore action. The fishing for
Roosterfish was pretty good for a few of the boats but the attempts were to get anglers
into fishing action and naturally the Dorado being as thick as they are proved to be
more than most of the Pangas could resist. (Ugly)

NOTES: Well, things are pretty well back to normal for the most part. The beach bars
are attempting a comeback but the smell is keeping a lot of customers away. More
large private boats are arriving every day, coming down for the upcoming month of
tournaments. It is nice to see our friends return and exchange stories of what has been
going on since last time we met. The streets in town have been cleaned up, there is
city water and no problems with any type of supplies. Well, we may have had a
temporary difficulty with the availability of tequila if the clients on my boat had been
successful because it sure seemed as if they were determined to drink all that was in
town. Thankfully Sammy’s birthday bash is this weekend and everyone was well
prepared for the demand! (Written to the fishin’ music of Capt. Sam Crutchfield on his
album “Hooked On Fishin’”, 1995, BMI)

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