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George Landrum
10/22/01 03:09 PM
Cabo Fish Report [Post#: 461 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: The usual sunny skies all week long with daytime highs in the mid to high
80’s and dropping to the high 70’s at night. No rainfall this week. Dark at night. (A
Kind Of Magic)

WATER: There has been a band of warm water wrapping around the cape all week.
Ranging from 10 to 20 miles in width and in the 83 to 85 degree range it has extended
up the Pacific side as far as 40 miles. It has started on the Sea of Cortez up just south
of Gordo banks. The outer edge of the band is up against cooler water running about 3
to 5 degrees less. The water is getting much bluer and is almost back to normal. With
the light winds all week the surface conditions have been great with slight swells and
very light chop. Because of it’s inherent nature, the water has remained wet and salty
all week long. (Bohemian Rhapsody)

BAIT: The normal price of $2 each for Caballito, very few Mackerel have been
available from the bait Pangas. This price has been for live baits. (Under Pressure)


BILLFISH: I sure hope the Blues show up soon! There were a few caught this week
but most of the Marlin action was on Stripers. The action was spread all over the place
but most of it was right out front. The Los Cabos tournament big Blue was 350 pounds
and the big stripey was 202 pounds. The Marlin have been striking on lures but now
that the tournaments are here a lot more are being caught on slow trolled live bait than
before. Some of the favorite spots this week were the 95 spot, the 1150 and Gordo
Banks. The Skipjack being used have been easily caught in Cabo Bay and off of the
Solmar beach. (I Want It All)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The tournament winner was 134 pounds and second place was
126 so there were some nice fish caught. All of these were associated with porpoise.
A lot of football tuna were found, both with the porpoise and not. Cabrillo Seamount,
Gordo Banks and San Jaime pumped out some nice fish also. Big fish on live bait slow
trolled deep! (One Year Of Love)

DORADO: Tournament winner was 60 pounds but there were lots of fish in the 10-20
pound class. The bite has dropped off a little as the debris from the hurricane leaves
the area. Most boats are still able to find enough Dorado to make the anglers happy
and most of the fish have been on the Pacific side. (One Vision)

WAHOO: Very few Wahoo this week and the sizes were not large. Tournament winner
was only 45 pounds. (Who Wants To Live Forever)

INSHORE: Some small Roosterfish are being caught but most of the attention is on the
Yellowfin and Dorado. Most of the action has taken place up the coast on the Sea of
Cortez, off of the Westin and south to Chileno. (The Show Must Go On)

NOTES: The Los Cabos Fishing Tournament sponsored by the Hotel Association saw
a good increase in the number of boats entered compared to last year. Last year there
were 36 entries and this year there were over 50. The same will not be able to be said
of the Bisbee the way it appears now. Last year there were 236 entries but so far this
year there have been just over 140. Economic conditions up north may have
something to do with it but some of it may also be due to the legal conflicts for the past
two years winners. Hopefully it will go smoothly this year. (Written to the music of
“Queen” on the great compilation album “Classic Queen”, Hollywood Records, 1992.
Crank it up for a lift in the morning!)

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