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George Landrum
10/29/01 03:13 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 469 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: It’s getting really nice these days! Warm days, perhaps a little on the hot
side for some people with the temperature in the low 90’s and high 80’s. The evenings
have been nice and cool, great for sitting out on the patio listening to music since the
temperatures have been in the 70’s. There was no rain this week and we had clear
skies every day. (Reference Point)

WATER: Light winds all week kept surface conditions nice everywhere you wanted to
go. There was a slight chop on the Pacific side some days in the afternoon but the Sea
of Cortez remained almost pool-table flat. Water temperature in the Sea of Cortez was
in the mid 80’s just about everywhere except for a small spot midway between Gordo
Banks and the Cabrillo Seamount where it dropped to 78 degrees for a while. The
warm water was carried around the cape in a current that was about 13 miles wide as it
swept around and then spread out and the water then cooled a bit, dropping to the low
80’s. Also, the water on the Pacific side tended to be a bit greener than the water in
the Sea of Cortez. (Missing Your Touch)

BAIT: An interesting situation here, most of the boats going out on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday were involved in the “Bisbee Black and Blue” tournament and
were not looking for baits like Caballito and Mackerel. Those baits were readily
available at the usual $2 each. The difficulty was in getting good size Skipjack for
Marlin slow trolling baits. (Take Five)


BILLFISH: The target of the week was very hard to come by for almost all the boats
here in Cabo. The biggest of the week was a Blue Marlin of 518 pounds caught aboard
the “Stimulator”, Captained by our friend Jay. Nice fish and it won first place overall in
the “Bisbee”. Next largest fish was a 450 pound Black Marlin caught aboard the
“Blackjack” on the first day of the tournament. There were many more Striped Marlin
sighted and released than any other species and overall the Marlin fishing was
considered very slow for Cabo. We are not quite sure of the reason but it probably has
a lot to do with the aftereffects of the Hurricane at the beginning of the month. Most of
the fish caught in the tournament were caught on live bait, most of it Skipjack Tuna or
Yellowfin Tuna. These baits were either slow trolled over the edges of the Banks or the
drop-offs or they were soaked in one spot for hours. Not a very exciting way to fish but
it does produce results if you put the time in. Most of the Striped Marlin were caught on
lures because very few of the boats were willing to soak a small live bait or toss one to
a tailing fish, after all, when the biggest Blue can bring in $500,000+ there is a
tendency to ignore the Striped marlin. Almost every fish weighed in or caught was
found on the Sea of Cortez side, either around Gordo Banks or to the north around
Punta Gordo. A few smaller fish were found towards the Cabrillo Seamount but the
largest were close to shore. (Make My Day)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There were a few fish found this week but the larger fish were
mostly ignored in favor of Marlin due to the tournament. Footballs were actually
targeted by a lot of the boats as they make such good baits for the Blue and Black
Marlin. The Gordo Banks area was packed with boats to the point that it was difficult to
entice any fish to strike. Those boats that were able to get the Tuna found the best
luck using Sardinas. There were some nice fish found by boats not in the tournament
mixed in with porpoise out in the Cabrillo Seamount area and in the edge to the
southwest where the water temperatures changed. (Caravan Of Dreams)

DORADO: I have to be real honest here, and as those of you who check the report on
a weekly basis know, I don’t pull any punches. The catch ratio on Dorado as a catch
per unit hour of effort go has dropped dramatically this past several weeks. Most of this
is due to the disappearance of all the wonderful debris we had floating in the current
lines for the past three weeks. Mother nature finally decided it was time to remove it
from the area and most of the Dorado appeared to have followed it. Not to say there
are not still Dorado to be found, but it is not the fish in a barrel situation we were so
lucky to have for a while. Most of the fish were found in the area sue south of the Cape
or just to the east towards the Sea of Cortez, but there were reports of very nice
catches made from the Golden Gate Banks area early in the week. The largest fish I
heard about this week was an honest 60 pounds caught out by the Seamount. Small
feathers and chunk baits used when one was hooked up seemed to be the ticket this
week, and color did not seem to matter much. (Homecoming)

WAHOO: I think it was due to the concentrated efforts of the tournament boats on the
ledges and edges but there were more Wahoo caught this week than I have seen for
some time. The catch was low among the daily charters but for the boats concentrating
in the right areas Mr. Dental managed to appear often enough that he was cussed out
by some. With most of the fishing effort concentrated on the Gordo Banks it is not
surprising that there were more Wahoo reported from there than elsewhere and most of
them were caught on lures. Sizes varied from 15 to 40 pounds. (Cuban Heels)

NEARSHORE: I really have nothing to report on the near shore fishing this week and I
apologize, I have been concentrating all my efforts on the tournament this week. At a
sketchy best I will say that the catch has not been great but there has been fairly
steady action on Dorado, Skipjack and Bonito. (Lullaby For The First Born)

NOTES: One more tournament online for the year and this nonsense is over with!
(Really think I would have said that if my boat had won?!) November 7-10 is the
Western Outdoors Tuna Tournament and it promises to be the best yet. I really look
forward to meeting all the folks that fished the last two years, specially the San Diego
firemen from last year who just missed winning it all with the fish estimated at #237.
Hey Zach, that’s you guys! Got to get going before my drink melts into ice water so pay
attention next week and I’ll let you know if thing have gotten better or not! By the Way,
this was written to the mellow guitar music of “Acoustic Alchemy” on their album
“Reference Point” published by Moonstone Music in 1990. Sit out on the patio, put on
the CD and let the stress drain away! Until next week, Tight Lines!

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