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George Landrum
11/5/01 03:42 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 478 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George Landrum
"Fly Hooker" Sportfishing


WEATHER: Once again the weather has been great all week long. It is starting to
cool down and is very comfortable during the day with the temperatures in the low 80’s
and no rain. Evenings are starting to get cool enough that everyone is commenting on
it, there have been some goose-bumps seen! We had a little cloud cover off shore
during the beginning of the week but on shore it has been sunny. (Four Four North)

WATER: Great surface conditions on both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez with long
slow swells and little if any choppy conditions in the mornings. The afternoon period
has offered a more broken surface as slight breezes kicked up a few whitecaps. There
has been a band of warm water wrapping around the Cape all week, a continuation of
the pattern that started last week but yesterday it seemed to start to disperse. We had
this band of water about 20 miles wide at the Cape being pushed by the Cortez
currents towards the Pacific and it extended out to San Jaime Banks before meeting
Pacific currents that formed a warm water back eddy about 35 miles south of the Cape.
The edge of San Jaime had a lot of action this week due to the abutment of the cool 78
degree water meeting the warm 83 degree water and forming very strong rips over the
structure. (The Ice Field)

BAIT: Caballito have been readily available and I have heard of some boats getting
Mackerel also. The usual price of $2 per bait on these. There have been Sardinas
available but the bait boats that have them have been up towards San Jose. Sardinas
are in the $20-25 per scoop range. (A Virtuoso Is His Own Reward)


BILLFISH: This week the billfish action has consisted of Striped Marlin for the most
part. There have been some nice Blues hooked and released, a few boated, but the
majority of the billfish have been Stripes. The Striped Marlin have been found mostly
up the Pacific coast and it has been a pretty evenly mixed bite on both lures and live
bait. The Blues and Blacks are being found in the warm water up the Sea of Cortez
and due south of the Cape. The action on these fish has been mostly on lures. It
seems that once tournament time is over very few people want to put in the time slow
trolling a live bait and prefer to cover more ground with lures. (Air Proofing Two)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: A very on and off fish this week. There have been a lot of football
20-25 pound fish near shore that have offered action to the Pangas early in the week
but they seemed to have moved out as the week wore on. The larger Tuna have been
much further offshore, up to 35-40 miles out and not always associated with the
Dolphin. I had one report of a breezer that was at first thought to be a large dolphin
pod working but turned out to be a school of 100-200 pound Tuna. This was mid-week
about 35 miles south. Both Gordo Banks and San Jaime have been kicking out some
nice fish but for the most part it has again been a hit and miss shot. Live baits, chunk
baits and lures all seem to have been equally effective this week. (A Trout Toward

DORADO: I have seen some nice fish this week but most of the Dorado being caught
have been the little ones, “Chicken” or “Peanut” fish in the 3-6 pound size. Some boats
are enjoying the steady action on light tackle but there have been reports to me by
anglers that some of the crews are keeping all these fish they can. If you are fishing
and get into them, please ask, no, tell your crew to release the small ones. They grow
fast and it won’t be long before there will be enough meat on them to be worth the effort
of cleaning. Most of the larger fish were found in the rips out at San Jaime and south of
the Cape. Slow trolled Caballito and chunked bait worked with the preference being
the live bait. Other large Dorado were picked up here and there while running lures
and the only concentration was when debris was found. (Little Beaver)

WAHOO: There have been a few Wahoo this week and most of them have been from
the rips at San Jaime or out from under the occasional floating debris. The majority of
the fish have been in 30-40 pound range. Live bait with a short wire trace was the
choice of most people who tried to target the debris and rips but a lot were caught on
the traditional plugs and leadheads. (Easter Again)

NEARSHORE: Sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers is the description of the Panga
fishing here in Cabo for the past week. Early in the week the action was a bit steadier
and as time went on it dropped off bit. Most of the inshore-nearshore fish have been
found on the Pacific side and the catch has consisted of Dorado and Tuna. A few
Sierra were being found by private boats fishing very early in the morning but the bite
shut down quickly. (Piece 17)

NOTES: I am still seeing a lot of Marlin being brought in and it is hard for me to
believe that all these fish came to the boat dead. This means that there is still work to
do in convincing people to release their Billfish. Ask the boats policy on that before you
book a charter, that is one way of assisting in the effort. If they say they release all
Billfish unless the fish die during the fight or are critically injured, book them. If they
say it is up to the Captain and crew tell them why you are going somewhere else with
your business.
The leatherback turtles are coming ashore to lay their eggs so the chances of seeing
one while fishing are pretty good. It’s nice to see these big turtles out on the water.
Written to the great acoustic guitar music of Leo Kottke on his album “A Shout
Toward Noon” released by “Private Records”, 1986, manufactured and distributed by
RCA Records. I have put titles of my favorite cuts in brackets after each section of the
fish report. Been doing it for each weeks report but a few people haven’t realized what
they were! Now you know so listen and enjoy!

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