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George Landrum
11/12/01 03:22 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 486 ] Reply to this post

Capt. George A. Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

WEATHER: We started the week with a bit of cloud cover that lifted in a day and now at the
end of the week we had it move back in. In between it was pretty sunny every day and the
temperatures stayed in the 80’s daytime and the 70’s at night. As is normal here we had no rain.
The wind was very light in the beginning of the week but the day before the Tuna Tournament it
switched and came from the east and blew at around 10-12 knots all day. On the 8th it had
returned to the normal NW direction. (The Sky Is Crying; Sonny Boy Williamson from his CD
“Keep It To Ourselves”)

WATER: Pretty darn good conditions all week long. Once you got waayy out there it got a bit
on the wild side but for the most part the conditions were great out to about 20 miles. The Sea of
Cortez has remained the hot area temperature wise all week long and the normal surface reading
has been in the 85-87 range. This warm (almost hot) water has wrapped clear around the Cape
and extends way up the Pacific past Todos Santos. As soon as it wraps past the Cape the temps
drop by a few degrees. This band extended out to the westernmost part of San Jaime bank at the
beginning of the week and butted up against very cool water, in the 77 degree range. During the
week it has gone westward past the banks and is now about 6 miles further west. (Kind Hearted
Woman; George Thorogood and The Destroyers from the self titled CD)

BAIT: Wow, once again I think that I am just going to start saying “ditto” in this spot. Caballito
at $2 per bait and Sardinas at $25 a scoop here in Cabo, less per scoop in San Jose. (I’m A Real
Kingfisher; Paul James from his CD “Acoustic Blues”)


BILLFISH: We are still seeing Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin on a regular basis. There was a
Blue caught during the Tuna Tournament that would have won the Bisbee if caught several weeks
earlier. Most of the bites have been on lures as very few boats this week were tossing bait at the
tailing Striped Marlin. Everyone was honing their techniques for the W.O.N. Tuna Tournament.
You only needed to go a few miles out to get the Marlin, the water was a perfect blue and the
right temp. for the larger Blue and Black Marlin. Lots of Tailing Striped Marlin were seen close
in also. (Oreo Cookie Blues; Lonnie Mack with Stevie Ray Vaughan from Lonnie Mack’s CD
“Strike Like Lightning”)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Target fish of the week due to the Tournament. The biggest fish this year
weighed 156 pounds, the second place fish was 151 and third was 149. All these fish were caught
on lures among Porpoise, and all of them were caught on the temperature break 40 miles to the
southwest of the Cape. Gordo Banks punched out just a couple of fish as did the San Jaime. One
of the problems on both of these normally productive spots was the presence of Purse Seiners.
San Jaime had a purser on top setting for three days before the tournament and there was no
federal enforcement of the 50 mile regulation. The same thing happened on the Gordo the day
before the tournament. Just today a plugged seiner was watched as it chugged up the Sea of
Cortez past the Cape. If the Federales don’t get cracking and start enforcing the laws there won’t
be many fish left soon! OK, enough of the soap box. There were quite a number of medium sized
Tuna caught in the porpoise, but as usual, the first boat to find them had the best shot. A large
number of footballs were found as well. (Bad Girl Blues; Johnny Winter from his CD “Third

DORADO: We saw a large number of good sized fish weighed in for the side jackpot in the
tournament and most of these were just meeting the 40 pound minimum weight. Lots of fish in
the smaller size were found but they were debris associated fish. The little peanut fish are still
around also and they account for a large number of the Dorado flags that were seen. (Blues For
Robert Jr.; Ronnie Earl from the CD “ Surrounded By Love” )

WAHOO: The largest Wahoo was 69 pounds and I saw a few more that were well over 40
pounds brought in. One of the reasons for the large number was the large number of boats
working the banks for Tuna. The like the same areas and the same techniques work for them
both. Top areas for the Hoo’s were the Jaime Banks and Golden Gate. Marauder plugs in Black
and in Orange worked well and a number of fish were caught by boats using chunks, but most of
the ones hooked up that way cut off quickly. (Mr. Luck; John Hammond, self titled CD)

IN-NEARSHORE: This is a repeat of last weeks conditions and species. There was very little
change this week except for the slowly increasing catch of Grouper and Snapper. (I’ll Always Be
In Love With You; Jimmy Witherspoon from his CD “Spoon’s Blues”)

NOTES: Jay Bush, owner and Captain of the 46’ Bertram “Stimulator” struck gold again! This
time it was as combination Captain/Angler during the Tuna Tournament. His boat had the largest
Tuna at 154 pounds. For those of you following the tournaments, he was also the Captain aboard
his boat when winning the “Bisbee” with a Blue Marlin weighing 518 pounds. Congratulations
Jay! Written to the blues! The disc is a compilation of acoustic blues recording titled “A
Celebration of Blues” released in 1996 by the St-Clair Entertainment Group. Hey folks, until next
week, I hope the fishing is great wherever you may be or go and hope there is Music to get you
through the times when you are not fishing! Until next week, Tight Lines and great tunes!

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