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George Landrum
11/19/01 03:06 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 491 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: It is staying cooler here in Cabo now and it sure feels good. Our daytime
temperatures have been in the mid 80’s and in the evenings it had been in the mid 70’s, though to
me it feels a lot colder. Most of the week it was overcast but we have had no rain. Light winds
most of the time have made for perfect conditions! (You Should Have Been There)

WATER: Almost mirror like conditions on the Sea of Cortez all week and on the Pacific side the
water has been a little rough in the afternoon due to the winds picking up a bit from the
northwest. All in all though the conditions have been excellent. We have had the water
temperatures averaging 83 degrees almost everywhere the boats have gone. The only exception
has been the west side of San Jaime Banks where there has been a temperature break of 5
degrees. This break has been drifting back and forth over the west and center part of the bank all
week, with the temp drop from 82-83 degrees to 78/77 degrees on the west side over a distance
of 2 miles. (Valerie)

BAIT: We are getting some more Mackerel showing up in the bait tanks now, thank goodness. I
prefer them over the Caballito and so do most people. The prices have been the usual $2 per bait
and there has been no problem finding live bait this week. I haven’t heard a word on the
availability of Sardinas this week, mostly because not too many boats are targeting Tuna right
now. (She Hates To Go Home)


BILLFISH: Striped Marlin are the Billfish of the week. There are still a few Blue Marlin being
caught but the focus has been on the Stripies. They are being found on both the Sea of Cortez
and the Pacific side but at this time of year they are starting to stack up on the Pacific ridges such
as the one off of Cabo Falso and the Golden Gate Banks. A lot of these fish are being caught by
boats slow drifting live baits in the middle depths, dropping down Caballito or Mackerel with a
small egg sinker ahead of the leader. There are also plenty of tailing fish being spotted but the
catch ratio on them has not been high. The occasional Blue Marlin and Black Marlin have been
nice fish but not giants, most of them in the 200-300 pound range. They are being caught on lures
for the most part and seem to more prevalent on the Sea of Cortez side of the Cape. (Someplace
Where Love Can’t Find Me)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: There has been no focus on these fish out of Cabo San Lucas since the
Tournament. One of the main reasons is that the Purse Seiners showed up and put the kabosh on
the fish at the banks. Those Tuna that are being caught are the football fish that have been
hanging out close to shore and just a few that have been associated with the Porpoise. The middle
of the week had a large concentration of these fish, most in the 15-30 pound range right in front
of the Arch. Every morning for three days you could see 15-25 boats drifting live bait there. The
Porpoise fish have been a long way out and with no Tournament underway, few of the charter
boats are willing to spend half the day going to and from the grounds in the hope that there are
fish available. (Radio Girl)

DORADO: Once again the Dorado is the fish of the week! There has been an abundance of them
show up , they seem to come through the area in waves and this past week was a good wave.
Every boat that I saw had Dorado flags flying and unlike the time several weeks ago, these were
not the little peanut fish. The Dorado this week were averaging 12-15 pounds with quite a few in
the 30 pound class. Finding debris was the key for the larger ones and getting a hooked fish to
stay in the water close to the boat was the factor in getting good bites going on the open water
fish. Live and cut bait filled the coolers while lures were the way to find where the fish were
hanging out. Once they were found, slow trolling or drifting live bait did the trick. They were
fairly evenly distributed between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific side but I think that the Pacific
side may have had a slight edge in numbers. (On The Run)

WAHOO: Not a lot to say about the Wahoo situation. I saw very few Wahoo flags flying this
week and did not talk to any anglers who hooked up to one. There were rumors of a good bite
on Wednesday out at the Golden Gate in the afternoon but that was by the private boats that
stayed until dark, and even then it was just a fair catch, about three fish per boat, averaging 30
pounds per fish. I never did see any of the fish or talk to any of the anglers who were there.
(Live It Up)

NEARSHORE: Most of the Pangas have been focusing on Dorado and football Tuna this week
since they have been fairly easy to catch. A few have been working the ledge off of Cabo Falso
for the Striped Marlin but for the most part the normal inshore fish have been ignored by the
Pangas. (Some Hearts)

NOTES: If things continue this week as they did last week we should have a good catch on
Dorado again. If the Federal Government does not take steps to stop the Purse Seiners from
working within the 50 mile restricted area there will be no more anglers coming to Cabo for Tuna,
those guys keep setting until the fish are gone. This report written to the sounds of Marshall
Crenshaw on his album “Good Evening”, 1989, Warner Brothers Records. Mid-west bar band
music at it’s finest with some very nice smooth guitar work and half decent vocals.

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