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1/27/02 01:49 AM
great striper and tuna fishing [Post#: 582 ] Reply to this post

the fishing hear on the outerbanks of N.C> has been great lots of stripers and yellowfins tuna if you want bluefins they are hear too . the stripers have been from 12 to 50lb most trips the largest last trip was 40lb 45 inchs long not bad 5 pople fishing two hours we caught 36 fish if you need to catch some fish give me a call we have some days still open seaduction charters capt jay roberson 252 423 0129 thanks the bluefins are around 200lb to 600lb if you thank you you like tough fish

New Hampshire
3/24/02 00:08 AM
Re: tuna fishing new [Post#: 671 / re: 582 ] Reply to this post

How is the blue fin fishing down there whats the water temp.? anyone catchin and blue fin tuna

3/24/02 04:20 PM
Re: tuna fishing new [Post#: 673 / re: 671 ] Reply to this post

There have been some bluefin caught down off of Hatteras. There were some caught a couple of ago but due to weather/wind conditions folks have not been really fishing for them. Also, the yellowfin fishing has been good so there has been more concentration on that. Check our website at
Capt. Jay Roberson

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