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(Unknown Angler )
2/21/02 04:58 AM
Kona Hawaii fishing report [Post#: 628 ] Reply to this post

Kona Hawaii fishing report 2-20-02

The marlin bite has been pretty hot! Mostly striped marlin (that time of year). We did have a little flurry of big blue marlin come through. Capt. Kenny Llanes and his son brought in one that they thought would hit the “grander” mark. Close but, it weighed in at 944 lbs. A fantastic fish anyway. The biggest striped marlin landed since 1996 was caught by angler Steve Broderick on the 13th. The captain was … well … me : ) It weighed in at 186 lbs. and was caught on Penn 30 international stand-up tackle. We were figuring we would hook into the average size running now. About 50 lbs. Steve didn’t complain at all about fighting the beast. He did a great job angling and had it boated in just over 20 minutes.

The mahi mahi bite has also been hot! It’s kinda strange that the mahi mahi are biting this time of year and the spearfish aren’t. Either way, as long as there’s some good eatin’ fish to be had, most people are happy. The ono bite is slow to none as is typical for this time of year. The “shibi” run looks like it’s just not going to happen this year.

Ending this report on a high note, the bottom fishing bite has been fabulous. Two days ago I had out some jig fishermen from Japan and more than doubled my old catch record of amberjack caught, tagged and released in one day. A whopping 38!!! I think it’s a record that will stand for a long time. Angler Rodney Boreen also took the amberjack division of Kona’s “big fish list” this month with a 100 pounder. Uh ….. that was while fishing with me too. I guess every dog has his day. This seems to be my month : )

See ‘ya on the water ,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,

2/22/02 01:47 AM
Re: Kona Hawaii fishing report new [Post#: 629 / re: 628 ] Reply to this post

I looked at your site. very nice. What is that fish on the cover of the mag? The state and world record.


(Unknown Angler )
2/22/02 03:16 AM
Re: Kona Hawaii fishing report new [Post#: 630 / re: 629 ] Reply to this post

Aloha Dede,
It's called a Randalls snapper. It's only been caught in Okinawa, New Calidonia and Hawaii. The previous record was only 10 lbs. hahaha :)

Capt. Jeff

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