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3/13/02 00:22 AM
Blackfish(Tautog) [Post#: 659 ] Reply to this post

Ladies and gentlemen its spring blackfish time. Usually people think blackfish fishing is only for the winter but the biggest blackfish are caught in the spring.Blackfish may attain weights of 25 pounds and live 30 years as it feeds mainly on crustaceans and bivalves. Their menu includes crabs, lobsters, barnacles, mussels and anything else with a hard shell, but will accept worms, clams and squid particularly during the spring season when their mouths are tender from the spawn. Not a very picky diet, which makes it a very willing participant in the fishing game. While many anglers chase after blackfish each fall, it is the spring season and particularly the month of May when blackfishing hits its peak activity by fish and anglers alike. More real “slobs” are caught each spring and most of the world record, light tackle blackfish have been caught during the spring season when tog roam the shallow water mussels beds, making light line fishing a realistic angling opportunity.
Blackfish live among rubble, rock piles, jetties and any place normal tackle would get beat up. This is why most gear is heavy, conventional tackle consisting of 30 to 40-pound test line and stout rods and reels to handle the pressure they can put on an angler. In the spring however, you can find blackfish in shallow water areas, allowing you to scale down your tackle, because now you’re fishing in open water. Seven-foot rods with smaller reels and 15 pound test give you more of a challenge and there are not as many places for blackfish to pull you in and break you off.

is gone fish
3/14/02 00:28 AM
Re: Blackfish(Tautog) new [Post#: 661 / re: 659 ] Reply to this post

Thanks for the info i did not know this will venture out as soon as possable Gettin warmer in ct, hope to launch soon.

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