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Delta Guides
3/28/02 06:33 PM
South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Report [Post#: 677 ] Reply to this post

South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Fishing Report
From 03-10-02 through 03–23-02

During the last two weeks, we’ve had fair to good fishing for the reds. One guide has had two trips where they caught some sea trout also. Not very many, but at least there are some here. During the winter months, the trout have been in really short supply here in our area. We hope that this is a signal that with the warmer and longer days they will start to show up inside and at their old haunts. The big females will be some of the first to show up, and they will be hungry. When they do show, I hope people will exercise some restraint when they catch these big female roe trout that are loaded with eggs. It’s a pity to see one of these big ones killed before it has had a chance to spawn. The reds have been cooperative on most days and would take an artificial about as easily as they would the live baits. The Bottlenose dolphins (like Flipper) are here in big numbers also. Most of the rivers and bays around here are loaded with them. Whenever I hear someone talk about the sharks being the top predator in the ocean, I always think, “they haven’t paid much attention to a dolphin!” Talk about an apex predator and “Mr. Flipper” and family always come to mind with me. They hunt in packs and are very smart indeed. They also require much more food in a day than the sharks do because they, the dolphins, are warm blooded and need lots of food to keep their body heat up. I don’t remember ever having as many around as there seem to be now. I wonder if anyone does a numbers count on them? If so, I’d be glad to hear if there are more now, or if I’m just imagining this. At any rate, the redfish population seems to be rebounding, at least as far as the numbers of small fish we are seeing. Hopefully the trout will have had a good winter. The water never got very cold, so maybe the trout and shrimp will be back in good numbers this year. We didn’t seem to find any one thing that the fish liked better than the other. Spoons, and jigs caught most of them and a few were caught on spinner baits.

Total for the period was: 11reds and 13 trout were caught.

Thanks, Gene Dickson

Delta Guide Service
Georgetown, SC

4/7/02 03:03 PM
Re: South Carolina Shallow Saltwater Report new [Post#: 695 / re: 677 ] Reply to this post

I also am a SC shallow water fisherman . I fish the surf at Hilton Head. Do you think a braided line is good for that?Catch and release . Stingray

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