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Navy fisher
3/29/02 01:48 AM
advice on Diego Garcia [Post#: 678 ] Reply to this post

Fellow fisherman,

I am in the US Navy and will be headed to DG in the Summer. I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction as far as choosing tackle and rigging goes. We will be casting of skip jacks and grouper mostly and the charters on the island will take us out for Tuna and wahoo mostly. We need to bring most of our gear since the only way to get there otherwise is mail.

I look at the saltwater fishing catalogs and get a headache trying to decide what will work and what will not. I am currently trying to get in touch with someone there already but that is proving very difficult. If any one knows a good website on gear specific to species or someone who wouldn't mind filling me in, I would be very appreciative.

I see there are some aussies on this site. I lived in Cairns for a year but didn't get any fishing done while I was down there; I really missed out. I hear it's grown a bit since then.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Steve Mitchell, LT USN

George Landrum
4/27/02 02:11 PM
Re: advice on Diego Garcia new [Post#: 736 / re: 678 ] Reply to this post

Hey Lt.,

Sorry that I did not see this post until now. I spent 18 years on Guam and the fishing is very similar. I have talked to a lot of guys that were there and based on their experiences I have just a few suggestions.

1. Take plenty of line if you plan to do a lot of fishing. I suggest that all your reels get set up with either Power-Pro or Big-Water Superbraid as a base and you just use top-shots of Monofiliment. The braid will last forever and the top-shots are easy to replace as needed. Less line to carry there but a bit more expensive to start with.

2. a. At least one large spinning rod/reel combo, Shimano Baitrunner 6500 or since Australia is so close perhaps a large Jarvis-Walker. Load with #30 braid and a top-shot of #20 mono. Match the reel with a 10' 2 peice surf rod.
b. At least one bottom rig setup such as a Shimano TLD-25 matched to a stiff 6' rod, load the reel with #80 backing and a #40-#50 topshot. This outfit can also be used for trolling for smaller game such as school Tuna to 50-60 pounds, Dorado and Wahoo.
c. At least one heavier trolling outfit, I would suggest either a Penn International 2-speed 50 or my preference, a Shimano Tiagra 50WRLS. Load it with 750 yards of #130 braid and a 200 yard top-shot of #80 mono.

3. Lots and lots of top water casting plugs for the Trevally (Jacks), you tend to lose them on a regular basis. Try sizes from 4" to 8" in weights from 2 1/2oz to 6oz and in a variety of colors. Make sure you have plenty in pearl/blue.

4. As many hooks and swivels as you think you can afford. Don't forget to bring some Maurauders and Rapalas, perhaps some Halco's as well. Tuna and Wahoo love those things.

5. A high end pair of reef fishing shoes are a must! The coral will tear the cheap ones apart real fast.

6. Last but not least, a bottle or two of Corrosion X, the last thing you need out there is for the gear to rust out!

Good luck and I hope it's a great Duty Station for you. I asked for it but got married just before the orders were cut, not a good way to start off a marriage and my detailer took care of me, sent me to Guam instead!

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