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4/29/02 11:52 AM
Red Snapper [Post#: 737 ] Reply to this post

Back from an overnighter at Venice (Wed/Thurs). Well the Red Snapper season opened on the 21'st and I was itching to get out and catch some slabs for the freezer.

We arrived at the mouth of South Pass late in the day Wednesday. First stop... one of the "7 mile rigs" to try for amberjack. Hopeing to catch a quick limit like we did each trip last year. We only managed a few nibbles, probably from small snapper. We had about a 10 mile run to the twelve mile rigs, where we would spend the night, so we only tried for a few minutes before leaving.

When we arrived the water looked as we were in the Atchafalia River during a flood. We caught no snapper at the first couple of rigs we tried but my dad managed a 25 pound King Mackerel.

The third rig was the charm. The current was really kicking and we had to double up on sinkers to keep the baits from skipping across the surface. But despite the super strong current at this rig we were able to put a limit of Red Snapper into the boat. These were nice size snapper too! No snapper were under 16 inches. The largest one weighed 19.5 pounds just a couple of pounds short of my personel record.

Add to that a 27.5 pound Lemon fish and we settled in for some sleep. At first light we headed for the house. Content with a full icechest and the thought of getting home early.

Oh and cudo's to the weatherman. He got it right. The seas were calm enough for a canoe last night.


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