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(Unknown Angler )
10/29/00 05:51 AM
Winter Fishing in Hawaii / Kauai new [Post#: 22 ] Reply to this post

Winter in Hawaii / Kauai
Well, it’s almost here, in some places IT is already. In Hawaiian waters, the winter months are less than predictable. There are times when it is hard to find a good bite & there are times where the fish seem to be jumping in the boat.

The bigger tunas are a “Surprise” till towards the end of May. The school size can make a good showing, mostly less than 30 pounds, Yellow Fin & Skipjack.
The Wahoo,(Ono), tend to be lower on the list of “Target” fish but will be found some days if looking for them.
The Mahi-Mahi can be great, not with the smaller ones where ya get dozens but many days we can get over 10 fish with quality sizes.
Off the bottom, the sharks seem to be available if you target them. The GTs & Amberjacks can be had, some days good. You need to check with the boat if you want to work the bottom, most will do it with advanced notice.

And of course, the Blue Marlin…In the winter months they can make a strong showing, often the smaller males will be the ones behind our boats. Some BIG ones will show when THEY want to.
The Stripe Marlin & Short Nosed Spearfish can put in some pretty good numbers some weeks.

All in All, if your coming anyway, Ya might have a Great day on the Ocean. Just keep in mind that it might only be A Great day on the water. It could turn into one of the best days you have spent.

The Humpback Whales will be here from December thru April, Jan. & Feb. being best, often on the fishing boats we get some very good shows during the day.

It looks like the ElNino / LaNina thing seems to be going away, it might be a “Normal” Spring / Summer, Start planning your trip early so you can set up the trip YOU want. Most Captains will customize private charters for you with advanced notice.

If you do come & fish in Hawaii, make sure you talk with the captain that will be on the boat you will be on, this will save confusion as to what you sign up for.
Also, the weather can change from week to week or even daily, reserve the day for the begging of your stay so you can reschedule if the weather picks up.


Captain Danny Waugh
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc.
Toll Free – 877-887-0412 ~

Capt. Dan
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc. toll free 877-887-0412

(Unknown Angler )
11/23/00 10:46 PM
Kauai report… new [Post#: 41 / re: 22 ] Reply to this post

Novemberish, The winds were HIGH.

I had to cancel more trips than not. The days we got out were from dead slow to pretty good fishing.
I had a gentleman who had work on the island & wanted to fish while he was here, we got out 3 & a half days, we hooked One Blue Marlin only to have it come off after a couple minutes. We got a nice bull Mahi – 43 pounds, missed two more, got a couple big skipjack – 18 to 20 pounds, coulda got as many as we wanted but He Wanted a Marlin. I hope he had a good time, with booking multiple days I was able to give him a good rate, same with anyone that books multiple trips.

Other trips throughout the month we had plenty of the big Skipjack tuna, these are FUN!!! If you like multiple strikes on lighter line, these are some fun Fish, they are good eating here in Hawaiian waters.

The Mahi-Mahi are starting to make their winter run, some good sized ones coming up, Open schools, on the ledge & at the FADS. Often after hooking a Mahi, we can get the school to follow the hooked fish to the boat & get some bait back to them on lighter line & have some good fun.

The Wahoo seem to have left for a while, still “One here-One there”.

The School Yellowfin Tuna have yet to make their winter showing, shouldn’t be long before they are here to take some hooks & make for some Great BBQs. There have been a few coming up but not like they will be the next few months.

The Marlin have been their “Normal” selves, Unpredictable…Stripe Marlin & the Spearfish are starting to show, some days good. The Blues are not as good as they could get, that’s how winter can be, still some out there but as far as a “Target Fish”, maybe slow. There is a good chance of finding them & the Mahi will add to the trip if ya go out Hunting the Deep waters.

All n All, it was somewhat like November should / could be. Windy!!! If we could of got out more, we probably would have had many more fish.

Not sure I’d recommend coming to Hawaii in November for a “Fishing Vacation”,
I would recommend giving the fishing a try if your gonna be here anyway on vacation, the possibilities are here & the Deep water IS close. Some years can be wide open.
Winter the currents change a lot so the fish move a lot with it. Every week can be much different.

Now is a good time to “Think about a Summer Trip”.
If ya get a couple friends / family together & come out & book Multiple trips, I’ll work with ya on rates. I’ll also work with ya on weather conditions if they become a problem.
Mid April thru mid October can be best for bigger fish. I would be happy to help with arraignments, if planned right, not so expensive…

Capt. Dan
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai

Capt. Dan
Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc. toll free 877-887-0412

(Unknown Angler )
1/2/01 08:39 AM
FUN [Post#: 81 / re: 41 ] Reply to this post

850..Full facial Spray…!!

Yep, my Whole face was wet… I could not believe it, talk about fun…,,,!
I was down on the deck with the customers, dad & son, already missed a couple nice screamers,
We were on the “40”, (240 ft.) didn’t see what it was but had to be pretty good size…

My Penn 850 Spinner packed with 30# mono was wearing my arms out with the Demon Jig, I have to admit, I was thinking of “other” things while dropping & cranking as hard as I could…
Bendo… Big time, the spool spun so fast, it thru water all around, my face was in the middle of it all.

I Have to say… “Shoots, GOOOOD FUN!!!!”
& they say spinning reels are no good????
After 10 minutes of more take than give, the fish came off, might have been from not keeping tight while the kid “unscrewed” the handle the wrong way? What ever it was….I know where it Lives now…I’ll be Back
We did get a Amberjack on the same reel, same day, same spot, same Demon jig that was over 35 lbs. No comparison…

Stand Up!!!

Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc.

(Unknown Angler )
1/10/01 08:50 AM
Jan. 2001 story... new [Post#: 90 / re: 81 ] Reply to this post

First Week…

01-01-01…Started the year out with a nasty system that came thru, canceled my first charter, good or Bad???? Not sure, good cause I didn’t “Take” the folks $$$$…bad cause I didn’t take “Any” $$$ , lost em, they left or never called back…

01-03…Had a nice older couple from England, did a ¾ day, after the story from the day before where the “Other” boat got 7 big Yellow fin, We went strait out to the Buoy, Great conditions, upon arrival, we watch a local boat pull a nice tuna over the side, easy 180lb.…COOL…we’re Here!!!…
We make 1 pass with the lures to see what is happening, 4 boats there, 1 just landed a nice 1, 1 guy in a local boat is trying to make bait, `he is trying TOO hard, the bait is messing with him…
Another local boat, one of Kauai’s Best fishkillers, Just got Bit…Looks like a nice one, the guy starts pulling by hand…we pull in the lures & get on top of the bait, the other boat that just made a Kill is dropping bait & gits bit imediatly…we can hear his Senator 16/0 Screaming…
I get The BUZZzZZ……We get a bait on the first drop, cool, we get in front of the buoy & drop the bait down, marked the fish at 40 fathoms, (240ft.) AHHhh…
So here we are, motor off, drifting on the FAD in 6000 ft. of water…, Flat water, one boat washing BLOOD & getting back in front of the buoy, two boats pulling BIG Fish right next to us & the poor guy beating his head against his gunnels trying to get a bait,

We have a Beautiful scad down….I’m noticing on the scope that the bait is spreading out & getting back away from the buoy…we make more bait while waiting for our bite…

The fishkiller pulls his fish over…looks 150ish…20 minutes on the hand pull, he comes back by us & drops a bait with a big smile, it was his third one since dark…the other boat is still working their fish, looks to be giving them a hard time…
We’re still not bit as we get down current of the buoy so we pull the bait & get back up current & drop a fresh bait, didn’t mark the fish that pass…ah oh…

My customers are Enjoying this, the old guy seems to LOVE being here…I feel good watching him watch them…
The 1 boat still doesn’t have a bait yet??? Poor guy, I’ve been there…(ya CAN’T let them p!ss ya off…

So here we are…drifting with a nice swimmer down deep, 30 ft. from the Killer, we’re talking from boat to boat, no radio, (this IS ALL Top Secret, if ya read this much…we’ll have ta kill ya), turns out, the guy from the day before was at the Other buoy 3 miles away, I can see a mess of boats there, No one knows This one was holding, the Killer was out the whole night, he had 6 in the box from the night before from 60# to 200…& 3 from sunrise, 100 to 160#…& a BIG SMILE, their worth $3.75 @ lb….whole fish…the guy makes some Serious $$$$ with just himself & his 24ft. Radon.

The other boat lands their fish, looks 100ish…they come over by us & drop a bait…in the 30 minutes we we’re there, we watched them pull two over their side…

Hate to say it…but… we missed the bite by 10 minutes…Hmmm…
If we went strait to bait & didn’t troll that first pass to “Look”…maybe I shoulda started the trip earlier, maybe shudda kept trolling…
Heck!!! At least we saw some nice fish & had The BUZZ……
We put the lures out & trolled around, went down to the other buoy & saw the crowds, what a mess, 15 boats ALL trying to get their lures or bait in front of the buoy…”How’d they ALL find Out????”…Turns out, Nothen happening…1 guy had 1 YFT about 60#, another missed a Stripe Marlin…we trolled the outskirts watching…

So there we we’re…trolling around with this empty feeling…not sure how to explain it…the customer is taking it good, He Saw how it went, Shoots…Missed the bite by 10 minutes!!!

We trolled to the ledge, thinking about bending a rod for the gent from England…We get to the “Red Buoy” & pull in the lines so we can drop baits & Iron…We put 1 of the fresh scads down on a circle hook on the 30# short rod while the older gent starts dropping my last big iron…
“HANA `PAW!!! The bait gits bit… the wife gets to pull on it, looks like a fair fish…she does good with the short rod, 12 minutes from the dead boat, she gets her 18# Amberjack to the boat, we take pix & send it back down…& rig another…
The older gent starts with the iron again, he’s into it… working it hard…
Wham…ZZZzzzZZZZ da spinner went...BendO!!!
He palms it HARD…PAK!!!!…
OH Well….I kin get more Iron…
We still have the bait down…ZZzzzZzz…Bite…we feed it a little, I give the rod to the older gent & tell him how to set with a circle hook & he does, “text Book”… missed it… he brings the bait up & we see it was a shark, Oh Well…Another bait goes down…
Meanwhile, the Humpers (whales) are playing around close by, we can hear them blowing air & rolling around…

Bite…ZZzzzZZzzzzZZZZZZ!!! Nice One!!!! The old gent has a SMILE as big as they come…he works the fish good, the fish works him good…was a good fight for the old Fish Folk from the old country…Turned out to be nice ULUA 40 lb kind…HE saw Very Happy, in a weird way, I was too.
Woulda been happier with some Tuna in the box…

We go tonight…I’m Excited!!!!!

Stand Up!!!
Nof fer now…
Also, my friend caught & released a 6+ pound Peacock Bass last week at the lake down the road...

Stand Up Fishing Charters Poipu Kauai Inc.

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