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7/8/02 03:39 AM
Shark / Tuna [Post#: 836 ] Reply to this post

Subject: Sharkin/Tuna

Friday, July 5th Me and my Buddy Bernie took his new 31' Fountain out to the Glory hole to find 76 degree waters but found no Tuna so we turned to sharkin and paid off big. Within 30 minutes we were surrounded by sharks non stop Blue dogs to 200 lbs and crazy huge blue fish feeding on our chumming and avoiding getting eaten. Then on my 20 lb 970 international bass set up I hooked a 100 lb thresher for a 40 minute battle and release. Then a small 70 lb mako on the same light tackle then on a 15 lb blue fish filet on the long rod wham a 196 lb mako! Took about 5 to 6 jumps and a full hour plus to set the gaff! Big fun especially since it only took us an hour and 10 minutes to get there on this rocket Fountain! Good luck to all out there and be safe! LOS

12/17/07 01:39 PM
Re: Shark / Tuna new [Post#: 2523 / re: 836 ] Reply to this post

you sound like you are full of [censored]!

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