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George Landrum
8/5/02 02:33 PM
Cabo Bite Report [Post#: 872 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing


WEATHER: We actually had an evening this week where my wife and I did not need the air
conditioning on in order to sleep! That was the middle of the week, the rest of the time the
weather has been normal; hot and humid. Our daytime highs have been in the mid to high 90’s
and the nights have remained around 80 degrees. No rainfall for us this week but the areas to the
north of us, both Todo Santos and San Jose, received rain. Most of the week it was partly cloudy
with light afternoon breezes. (Strategem)

WATER: Surface conditions on both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez were excellent this week,
!-3 feet with just a very light breeze. The surface temperatures were in the mid 80’s almost
everywhere until Thursday night when we had a current change. Overnight the water within 20
miles of the Cape dropped 8-10 degrees. Right now the water close to Cabo is showing 74
degrees and you must get to the 95 spot or Gorda Banks in order to find the 82-84 degree water
we were seeing early in the week. (Kensington Line)

BAIT: Mackerel and Caballito with the occasional Mullet are available for the normal $2 per
bait. No word on the Sardinas. (Poor Miss)


BILLFISH: Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin and Sailfish are all here and almost every trip out is
successful in hooking up to at least one. Many of the boats were releasing multiple fish each day
and often the anglers tired out before they ran out of fish! Good news! Most of the Striped
Marlin were between 90 and 130 pounds, the Blues around 300 pounds and the Sailfish around 90
pounds. Early in the week they were just 5 miles out and now they are a bit further, around 20
miles. Perhaps due to the waning quarter moon, the bite was a pretty even mix on both lures and
live bait, with most of the Blue Marlin taken on lures. Bright colors for the Striped Marlin, dark
colors for the Blues. (Greyhound)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: We are finally getting some good news here! The Dolphin are starting to
show up and there are tuna with them. Most of the fish are footballs or just a little bigger, but I
have confirmed that a number of fish over 200 pounds were taken this week. Imagine coming up
on a pod of Dolphin feeding, being the first one there. On the first pass all the lines go off, one
after another, the rigger clips releasing like rifle shots. Every fish over 200 pounds but only one
makes it to the boat after 2 hours of fighting time. That has happened a few times this week!
Most of the fish have been caught on feathers and cedar plugs run very close to the boat, back on
just the 3rd and 4th wakes. The larger fish were found southeast at around 30-40 miles.

DORADO: Some nice fish were taken this week, many of them over 50 pounds. The bite was
not wide open by any means, you had to work hard for the fish. When you did find them though
your chances of hooking up multiples were very good. A few boats found small floating objects
that held Dorado and they were able to come in with limits. Most other boats were god to go
with a Dorado or two for a day of fishing, along with the mix of Tuna and Marlin. Most Dorado
were found either south or to the east, not many were found on the Pacific side this week.

WAHOO: Again, no steady bite on the Wahoo, but I have seen a few flags being flown and have
heard that the fish being caught are nice ones with most of them around 50 pounds. Lures run for
Marlin have been getting hit and mostly ones in darker colors. A few of the boats have been
pulling at least one flat line dedicated to Wahoo, running either a Marauder or a very heavy jet
head close to the boat. (Candle 99)

INSHORE: Most of the action occurred within five miles of the beach so it was not uncommon to
see Pangas hooked up to Marlin this week. Closer in, Dorado and Skipjack Tuna were the
targets, with an occasional run of luck with Roosterfish. Some of the Roosters were big, in the
50-60 pound class! Most of the Panga fishing was done on the Pacific side with concentrations of
boats working the lighthouse ledge. (In The Morning)

NOTES: We finally have the fishing getting good! Those of you who have trips planned soon
can look forward to some good fishing when you arrive, as long as conditions remain the same!
This weeks report written to the music of “Big Head Todd & The Monsters” on their 1986 Giant
Records release “Strategem”. Thanks to Steve Emory for the music suggestion and to my wife
for finding the CD!

8/8/02 00:43 AM
Re: Cabo Bite Report new [Post#: 874 / re: 872 ] Reply to this post

I like your reports, very interesting. I'm off tomm. morning and will give a report upon my return.

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