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8/8/02 00:48 AM
Question About Lunar Cycle [Post#: 875 ] Reply to this post

What is the best part of the lunar cycle in which to fish? The worst?

Thanks guys,

8/8/02 04:18 AM
Re: Question About Lunar Cycle new [Post#: 876 / re: 875 ] Reply to this post

The Lunar effect on fish varies from species to species. A night feeder eg:striped Bass or Red Snapper seem to be on a better bite during the full moon for obvious reasons (light/ilumination). All species are effected by the lunar cycles and changes most fishes feeding and overall behavior especially migratory fish that go to extreme changes at times like total relocation and feeding habits. Also sometimes Full moon tides do a lot of good as well as bad. Extreme high tides allow some fish into areas not passable during regular tides that can be good or bad. Also high tide floods areas which can then wash off back into the sea bringing either nutrients or Debree and filth into the water this is all obviously being in shore effects. Off shore is more of an illumination and heavy current situation changing water temps and moving water eddy's around. I hope I helped some. Have a great summer and good Fishing!

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