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8/12/02 03:17 AM
Striped Bass come back! [Post#: 878 ] Reply to this post

The Past 3 weeks the stripers were so missing it was fluke and sea bass only on the menu for the western ocean of Long Island. But last weeks cool down did wonders out here especially in the ocean. Friday 8/9/02 we set out on the Savage Robalo to find scores of weak Fish feeding on bait at the mouth of Jones inlet off the Jetties off Point Lookout. It was a bang bang job mark the fish catch the fish that easy. I cut the weakies off after about 20 fish eager to get to my Bass spot off Jones Beach. Sure enough the word was out after doing this fishing alone with one other Pin Hooker all last week. It was time to share with the boys of the "No Time" and The all mighty Mike on the "CodFather" as well as 2 other unnamed anglers. We hit the clam boat and it was once again non stop action on stripers to 30 lbs. 90% keepers. Even the boys on the clam boat were having there fun catching a bunch right off the side of the boat as they dragged. Everyone was hooking up very exciting stuff. After the dragger was done we dumped over a bucket of bellies and continued for an Hour. Once it all stopped I set up my down riggers and trolled up 2 more bass and 25 huge Blues up to 19 lbs. This was a beautiful day with great action get out there and fish this hot action. Call me on the VHF 68 and I'll be happy to help. Have a great week and be safe out there!

Vessel's: Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

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