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George Landrum
8/12/02 01:57 PM
weekly Cabo report [Post#: 879 ] Reply to this post

Captain George Landrum
“Fly Hooker” Sportfishing


WEATHER: Typical for Cabo this time of year, we are having daytime temperatures that range
from the low 90’s to right at 100 degrees. This week we actually had a sprinkle of rain in town
on Wednesday but the water has been coming down a bit stronger to the north of us. The skies
have ranged from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy to cloudy to clear, sometimes all in one day.
The wind was mostly from the northeast but this weekend we received easterlies. (Choker)

WATER: Well, earlier in the year we wanted warmer water and mow we are getting it. On the
Sea of Cortez side the water is mostly in the high 80’s to low 90’s and on the Pacific we are
watching the water warm to the mid 80’s. Surface conditions were great everywhere in the
mornings but on the Pacific side they chopped up in the afternoons later in the week. With the
easterly wind on Saturday the Pacific side was like a lake. (I Wish You Would)

BAIT: Caballito and Mullet were easy to get at the normal $2 per bait. I have not gotten any
Mackerel in a while and have no word on Sardinas. (Snake Drive)


BILLFISH: You want Striped Marlin, we got Striped Marlin! Every boat (well, maybe 90%)
coming in has been flying at least one Marlin flag and it was common to se boats with as many as
5 flags flying. Singles and small groups of fish were everywhere and multiple hookups were not
uncommon. For some reason there were not as many Blues caught this week as last week, maybe
it has something to do with the moon. Sailfish flags were flying from many boats with a lot of
these fish coming from the Gordo Banks area. Most of the Striped Marlin were found on the
Pacific where the water was a bit cooler. Live bait was the ticket for multiple hook-ups since the
Striped Marlin were being found in groups but quite a few were hooked up on smaller feathers
pulled for Dorado and Tuna. (For Your Love)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Plenty of Tuna were caught this week but the fish moved a bit up the
Pacific, and there were not as many of the big boys caught. Later in the week they were found 20
miles up the coast and early in the week they were on the south side of the San Jaime Banks.
Most of the fish found were either footballs in the 10-20 pound range or school fish in the 30
pound class. Most of the fish were associated with Dolphin and small feathers were the ticket,
most anything in green/gold or blue/black. (Draggin’ My Tail)

DORADO: Oh yeah, we got Dorado also! Every boat that has had any interest in getting fish to
eat has been able to hook-up to a Dorado this week, and many of the boats have been greedy little
ants, picking up WAY more than the legal limit. (sigh) A lot of these fish are very nice 30-50
pound ones and I have seen a few that are larger. Bright colored feathers, less than 6 inches long
have been working very well. The fish have been scattered out with small schools found almost
everywhere at one time or another. (A Certain Girl)

WAHOO: A few flags were flown but I did not have a chance to talk to the captains or the
anglers so cannot say for sure where the fish were found. Listening to the radio it sounds like
these were incidental fish, and there were not many of them. (Freight Loader)

INSHORE: With the nice water and lots of Dorado and Marlin around, most of the Pangas have
been working from the shore to 5 miles out and picking up the occasional Marlin and quite a few
Dorado. There were also some very nice Roosterfish caught as well as a fair bite on bottom fish
such as Snapper and Grouper, with an Amberjack tossed in now and then. (Got To Hurry)

NOTES: While not what I would call wide open, the fishing this week has been the best I have
seen all year. We can only hope it continues! We just went past the new moon on the 8th so the
Blue bite should start to pick up again, there are some really nice fish out there. This weeks
report was written to the music of “Eric Clapton and theYardbirds”on the 1998 compilation
released under the title “Rarities” by prestige Records Ltd.

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