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8/16/02 08:45 PM
Another Day another BASS [Post#: 880 ] Reply to this post

Monday Wednesday and Today Friday 8/16/02 We went out on the "Savage Robalo " to do a repeat of last weeks action on the Bass. Every trip to 41 to 46' of water over recks, obstructions and changing bottom produced fish to 27 lb.. Tons of bait in the water and all types of action. We saw a 200+ turtle feeding in our clam chum we spotted what seemed to be a 10 foot Blue shark, green bonito jumping and blue fish everywhere. We limited out every trip with 6 crew on board and played catch and release with hordes of fish. Today Friday we caught over a dozen Fluke all short of 17" all except for one that one took a whole clam bait hook and all down to his belly for a locked landing and tipped the scales at 6lbs. Action seems to be holding for now inspite of the extra HOT weather. Word has it the Tuna are showing up on our off shore scene. So a trip on the 31' "Farskis Fountain" is in order for early next week to the Hudson Tip area I'll catch you up then! ALSO this week a work crew over by Scotties Marina land 1 of the mystery Giants going around stripping 50lb set ups by the inlet bridges. Workers set out a 50 LB rig to the bottom right off the dock to get inhaled and performed a 40 minute battle with the Giant that was finally DOCKED and estimated as a 250lb Skate awesome looking creature PICS were taken and are posted at SCOTTIES Marina then the monster was returned to the water to live on and grow. Fish on And be safe out there!

Vessel's: Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

12/17/07 01:44 PM
Re: Another Day another BASS new [Post#: 2524 / re: 880 ] Reply to this post

carlos... get a job!

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