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George Landrum
10/7/02 01:37 PM
Cabo Fishing Report [Post#: 928 ] Reply to this post

Capt George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

WEATHER: The great weather we had last week lasted throughout the middle of the week and
we were having the early morning temperatures in the high 60’s and the daytime highs around the
mid 80’s. About Thursday things started to warm up to normal and once again the nighttime lows
were in the low 80’s and the daytime highs in the mid 90’s, along with a slight increase in
humidity. Occasional scattered clouds gave a bit of relief from the sun but did not deliver any
rain. (The Sky Is Crying-Sonny Boy Williamson)
WATER: A thumb of warm water has wrapped around the Cape and extends out to the San
Jaime Banks. This water is 82-84 degrees and has a sharp, defined boundary where it abuts
cooler 81 degree water. Up on the Pacific side the Golden Gate Banks has remained in the 78-79
range as it has been the southern limit of a band of cool water coming down from the north. Up
the Sea of Cortez the Gorda Banks has remained warm with the water in the 84-86 range. The
surface conditions on the Pacific side were a bit choppy early in the week but quickly calmed
down, on the Sea of Cortez side it was often flat. (Give Me My Coat And Shoes-Buddy Guy
with Junior Wells)
BAIT: The bait situation improved this week and most boats had no problem getting what they
needed for the day. Normal price of $2 per bait and most of it was Caballito, few if any Mackerel.
(Worried Life Blues-Nappy Brown with Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin)


BILLFISH: The Marlin action moved closer and got better this week. A lot of fish were being
found less than a mile from the Marina and you had no need for an hour run. Many more Blues
were showing up this week, most of them in the 200-300 pound range but a few larger ones were
hooked every day. Trolling at 7-9 knots with dark lures or slow trolling/drifting with live
Skipjack or small Bonito were the ticket for the Blues. The Striped Marlin are here in force as
well and they are scattered everywhere. Almost every boat has had multiple shots each day at
tailing fish and the flags flying as they come in attest to the fact. Both lures and live bait have
been working well for these fish and I have had a lot of luck with bright lures on the Stripes. (I’m
A Real Kingfisher-Paul James)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The Tuna were very scarce this week and the few that I know were caught
were found at the western edge of the San Jaime Banks. Even the football fish have been few and
far between. Hopefully they will arrive again soon. (Bad Girl Blues-Johnny Winter)

DORADO: Along with the Marlin bite, Dorado were the bright spot of the week. They seemed
to be almost everywhere and as with the Marlin, there was no need for a long run to find them.
The area off the lighthouse on the Pacific side and offshore to 5 miles on the Sea of Cortez
provided plenty of action for anglers wanting to fight these acrobats. Most of the fish were
running 8-12 pounds but a few in the larger 30-40 pound class were caught each day. Small
bright colored lures in the 6”-8” range seemed to be working best and once a fish was hooked and
brought to the boat it was not uncommon for more to follow it in. That opened up the
opportunity for great action on light tackle or fly gear. Some of the boats work fish like this just
for the body count and dropping back chunks pinned to live bait hooks added fish quickly. (I’ll
Always Be In Love With You-Jimmy Witherspoon)
WAHOO: I saw very few Wahoo flags being flown this week and did not talk with anyone who
had caught one. I know there were fish caught but I can’t help you there this week. (Blues for
Robert Jr.-Ronnie Earl)

INSHORE: There have been Roosterfish caught but the focus has been on the Marlin and
Dorado, since they are close in and readily available. A few Amberjack and a scattering of
bottomfish have been brought in, mostly from the Sea of Cortez side of the Cape. (Oreo Cookie
Blues-Lonnie Mack with Stevie Ray Vaughan)

NOTES: The government is starting to enforce the “No filleting fish at sea” regulation, so check
with your Captain and crew before you leave to make sure there are no surprises in store for you
as far as the possibility of having to get your fish cleaned at the main dock instead of on the boat.
I personally prefer to have my fish cleaned and filleted on the boat because it is a bit more sanitary
and takes less time, but I also don’t want to take the chance of having my fish taken because of it.
This weeks music selection was from the compilation “Celebration of Blues-great acoustic blues”
a St. Clair Entertainment Group Inc. release, with selections from Stony Plain Records, Rounder
Records and Alligator Records.

10/8/02 11:56 PM
Re: Cabo Fishing Report new [Post#: 929 / re: 928 ] Reply to this post

Hey guys-sounded great down there. I`ve been fishing that area there going on 50 years now. It`s a shame the numbers of fish have dwindled over the past several years...ha-ha. So some say. Evidently they don`t fish in the same places I do. Or you either, it would seem. Have you ever tried the areas across the way over around the mouth of the river Baluarte? It`s south of Mazatlan about twenty minutes by boat or 60 minutes by car. I`ve caught marlin, swordfish, shark, corvina, sea bass, huachinango and sundry others over there for years. And just right off of the coast too.
One time when I was about 16 I even caught a swordfish while surf casting using "balaina",juvenile mullet, for bait. Well good luck and see you around. Wish I could have been there with you.
daKatt (RD Newman-TX)

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