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(Recreational Angler)
10/18/02 10:18 PM
SW FLA - Pine Island, Ft. Myers & Sanibel Fishing [Post#: 941 ] Reply to this post

Welcome to Capt. Terry's FISHING REPORT:
Oct. 17th, 2002
Redfish, The reds are schooling up on and near the grass flats. The water clarity has cleared and made sight casting a part of the daily trip. Some cooler temperatures and lower tides in the next few months, should make fishing for the abundance of redfish very good. This is the time of year for the big ones! The trick is being there when they are feeding. Try working the edges of the sand bars and oyster reefs. Some people call it fishing for reds, I call it hunting. When poling the flats for reds, move very slowly and watch for wakes, tails and boils. When fishing the mangroves, fish the top end of the high tide and get your fly, bait or jig underneath the mangroves as far as you can. This technique will also produce a few snook. A great way to cover a lot of water and it can be very productive. Flies, artificials and bait all are working well for these beautiful strong fighters. Try bait fishing them with pinfish, shrimp or cut bait. Flyfish them against the mangroves and on the flats with a earth tone colored clouser and for some real excitement try top water on the overcasted days. Average size about 18" to 30" with some larger ones around. Watch for those TAILS!!!

Snook, This year is the best year I've seen for snook. Good numbers and a lot of large ones. The past few weeks were a hit and miss for me.Some days doing very well and on others just couldn't get them to eat.Tides become very important this time of year. Some real monsters out there and when hooked you have your job cut out for you. One mistake and they win! The big ones will give you a run for your money and make you want to go to battle again with them. Large hand picked shrimp and white bait sometimes will get the larger ones to take in the passes, sand holes and under the mangroves. Fishing them on the out going tide usually produces the best results. Brightly colored flies or plastics also are working on some of the deeper holes and against the mangroves. Keep your eyes open and fish them on the tides that create good current. Hungry Snook means Bait, though throwing a well placed fly will usually be rewarded with an aerial show.

Speckled Trout, early fall time produces some large trout! Some very respectable Trout in the 20" to 25" range being caught with flies on or near the flats. Look for them in 3' to 5' of water near the edges of the grass flats. Watch where the birds are feeding and give it a try. A great top water feeder on overcasted days makes for some sure fun. Again flies, artificials and bait will bag a few of these hard hitting fish.

Tarpon, This last month produced a lot of small tarpon for me on the fly. I found them in the back country creeks and canals. Throwing a glass minnow fly on the out going tides. Ten to twenty pounders on my eight and ten weight rods. A lot of fun and a real challenge in those tightly enclosed areas. Overall this tarpon season was tough, with all of the wind in the beginning of the summer and an abundance of fresh water run off from the mainland. When the conditions were good, I did great! But , we didn't have a lot of perfect days which we normally get. Live bait and flies working the best for me. Threadfins and greenbacks mainly the bait of choice. Throw your bait about ten feet infront of the rolling tarpon, let your line tighten and hammer him home! I see alot of people try and set the hook to early, be patient and make sure your poon has really eaten your bait. When the tarpon are here and conditions are ideal, an experience of a lifetime awaits you. Flies, artificials and bait can hook these sought after critters, but getting them to the boat is a whole other story. These beautiful fish will range from 30lbs. to 200lbs. Average being around 100lbs. They will test your skill and your equipment when hooked with the fly rod or light tackle.
A day on the flats will always take you home with some memories and remember fishing is fun, so have fun out there! Don't take it so serious that you can't have a good time.
Till the next update take care and keep those lines TIGHT!

Capt. Terry Pitz
1-866-4-TARPON (482-7766)

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