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10/21/02 02:55 AM
Were Back with huge Bass to boot! [Post#: 947 ] Reply to this post

Its been some time since IV posted on this sight and I appreciate the e-mails from some faithful readers! SO to get caught up. This week despite the hairy winds and foul weather we got the Savage Robalo out for a day and night of Striped Bass in the Long Beach Jones to Debs area. The day saw nice fish to 18 lbs on the down riggers it took some work in the nasty chop and hard to find bait but once we found them it was a bang bang Job! The kicker was all the Bonito we jigged up every time we hooked up on the troll we cast a buck tail on top and bonito fiesta! Finally we got smart and dropped the buck tails strait to the bottom and hooked more Bass! Rough weather cold wind but well worth it! Then the night bite at the inlets all on eels 2 hours after the out going the action gets like clock work our first fish was a gorilla 35 lbs for the next hour we hit multiple hook ups on every drift and near the end of our night a 43lb COW it ate the biggest eel everyone seemed to avoid to use all night! We let that bad boy go as we feel the reverse on the size limit laws. Keep the smaller better tasting fish and release the big smart breeders! Either way 3 fish weighed in over 100 lbs total!
Last week on the Farskis Fountain we ran a 30 mile offshore Trip to the Mud hole for Giant Tuna to loose a big mystery fish on an 80 international with a real light leader and a live Ling cod. 25 minutes in the fish just did circles under the boat and rubbed its way through our line. BUMMER! Well, that's it for now I'll try to keep up on this sight due to request!! Thanks guys and be safe out there!!
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Vessel's: Savage Robalo-23 / Farskis Fountain-31

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