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4/16/02 02:05 PM
Fishing Report [Post#: 714 ] Reply to this post

HI all..

Just got back from the Destin area and the fishing is up and running. The weather was a bummer, but between rain showers and the wind.. you could catch Spanish, Jacks (with size), Cobias (a 70 pounder in PC) big bull Reds, Pompano, trigger fish ( yes trigger fish at the pier) and blues.

The wife had a blast and landed a 3 foot black tip. She was thrilled!! and so was I. Thought she was gonna get skunked. Didn't have the nerve to hit the blue water. The winds were wicked and the seas rough. Maybe in July??
Had a guy next to me hook up and never landed the fish. He got spooled!! I'm gonna guess that the fish., line and lure are in Cuba by now. That was the last heading we guessed. LOL..

Spent 4 days fishing and did both Okaloosa Pier and Panama Pier. The PC pier was on fire. Saw several kings hook up and lost at the pier and the Cobia were hot. Oneday they landed 25+.

The wife and I faired well and brought home Spanish, shark and one King. All from a pier... geeeesh life is good.

Food for thought for the pier gurus... I wish that they/you would re-instate the old rule. " no one under 14 allowed at the end of the pier." It should include either spectator or if fishing. Many of times I saw several people/kids almost get hooked while someone was casting or got in the way while someone was trying to land a fish. WAY TOOOOO DANGEROUS for the munchkins.

Well folks.. that is my fishing report.. Hope you get watery mouthed and get in on the action. The wife is already planning the next trip down. Lord help me... talk about a die hard fisherman/woman.

Tight lines and screaming reels.


4/21/02 04:52 PM
Re: Fishing Report new [Post#: 720 / re: 714 ] Reply to this post

Enjoyed reading your report! Going there the 27th! Will file a report when I get back. May the Lord Bless Destin with good fishing weather. May he bless and prosper you also. Thanks!

4/23/02 03:23 AM
Re: Fishing Report new [Post#: 728 / re: 714 ] Reply to this post


I'm heading to Destin at the end of May, (we will be fishing off the pier) are the spanish still running then and do hit gotcha plugs like they do in North Carolina? My wife is also a(new) fishing guru, what do you suggest she bottom fish for? Thanks for any info you can give.


4/24/02 01:49 AM
Re: Fishing Report new [Post#: 730 / re: 728 ] Reply to this post

tcnchrist>>>>> Good Luck and hope the weather is great for ya:)

Jim.. Yes the Spanish will be running strong and they will hit the ol' gotcha plug. I like the gold body with chartruse(sp?) head. That one always seems to get them when nothing else will. Also try a bubble jig. Tie an 18" mono leader with a treble hook, slide a yellow or green straw over the leader and shank of the hook.. ohhhh bout the length of the gotcha plug. Attach the leader to a barrel swivel and the get a red bead and a water filled bubble. You can buy them at Walmart for 97 cents each. Put the bubble on first and then the bead and tie to the barrel swivel WAHLAH... there you have it. Another spanish set up. hahahaha..

As for the wife... hmmmm??? ya can teach her how to cast and let her try for the spanish or blues. You can also set her up for the bottom fish and whole knows what will tear into it. I suggest using cut bait verses squid. Better chance of something good to latch onto. I had to teach my wife how to cast in the front yard... felt sorry for the trees.*LOL* but she got the hang of it. (not the trees) but casting. I took the pole she was using and tied an egg sinker to the line and explained how the whole system worked. She is now a well accomplished fisherwoman. Even ties her own gear and gets the fish off her hook. If I could only teach her how to fillet them.. Life would be good. actually better. Your wife could probably do the under hand toss thing at the pier and catch a few spanish herself. Or maybe even a cabana boy.. hahaha.. just kidding:)

At night, if you stay that long, try the ol cigar minnow drifting. Cast it out for her and tell her to hang on. anything from a catfish to tarpon may decide to take the bait. Or like above.. set up a bottom rig and try to the same trhing as on top. Just depends what is running and what is hungry.

Awwww heck.. when are ya going and I'll just meet ya there. I need another fishing break.:) hahahaha

If all fails.. go to the end of the pier at the octogan and look for a guy in a camo hat dark glasses and never shuts up. His name is Carl and is a great person to get to know. He is more than willing to take the time and help a newbie to the area latch onto some fish. He is usually at on the right side just past the bathrooms. BTW.. he is african american. Super nice person to know. Or ya can look around for the ol' timer they call Doc. Actually you can ask any of the locals there.. they will take time to help if they are not busy catching fish.

Hope this helps and I know I got long winded. But hey what the heck.. I had nothing better to do. No fish in the mountains.Well to speak of that is:)

Have a great time and save a fillet for me. I may need a sandwich when I get there.

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels


4/24/02 08:54 PM
Re: Fishing Report new [Post#: 731 / re: 730 ] Reply to this post


Thanks for the response, I've been looking regularly for one. We should be there on May 25th. I'll be the tall retired Marine at the end of the pier plugging his heart out. My wife will be the pretty little lady close by. She said she likes the idea of hooking a cabana boy. HAHAHAHA I'll be sure and meet the contacts you mentioned. If you make it down look for us would love to meet ya'll.

Can't to get there


4/25/02 03:01 AM
Re: Fishing Report new [Post#: 732 / re: 731 ] Reply to this post


Sounds great:).. I hope you have a grand time. I will talk to the boss.. er... I mean the wife and see if she wants to blast down for the weekend. if we don't let me know how you did. I would like to keep up with the action down there. tell you wife i said goodluck catching the cabana boy. make sure he is of legal size and in season. hahahaha..

Take care and enjoy. May see ya down there. I will be the tall fireman looking like a kid in a cndy shop. The wife will most definetly be by my side trying to get her limit too. Life is good when you can spend it with someone you care about.

Have fun bud..


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