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7/21/02 02:40 AM
Fishing Report 07-20-02 [Post#: 850 ] Reply to this post

Hi all,

Just back from a hot (swelltering) fishing trip. Boy and I do mean HOT!! The king action is great especially off the Panama City Pier(PC).. I hooked onto to a very large king and was getting ready to put the gaff to him and some yahoo threw out over my line and snapo!! there it went .. a 30 minute fight and all gone with a goof ball throw. Felt bad for the guy though.. he ended up with 4 trebels in his hand. OUCH!. We estimated the King at being about 48 to 60 inches long and about 40# plus. I tell you .. it was a the big one that got away. I hooked up a few more times and brought a small 10# up. I quess that is a good compromise. Lts of Kings though. The SPanish were no bigger than sardines.. 12" maybe. It was a waste of time to play with them. Saw several tarpon on the 50# range hook up and what a great show. :) and the never ending supply of catfish. They were hiting on spoons, live bait, cut bait, bare hooks. They were fun and the kids enjoyed the battle. The wife landed one of the largest spanish I have seen on a long time. 9 pounds for a spanish.. Yes it was a spanish. I promise. Bonita were all over and a blast to play with. Had an old timer tell me how to fix them, so I kept one to try it out. Will let everyone know how it came out.

The best times to fish are from 430 am to 10 am and 4pm to dark thirty. Watch your tides and have a blast. Going back in September with the wife and trying to stock upi for the winter. Also picked up shrimp at 3.95 # the big ones.. 16 -20 count. YUMMY!! The boats have been doing crappy and seems the fish are close in. One guy told me he went out all day and caught 6 snapper (small) and small AJ's. he kept 2 snapper.

Well folks that is it for me... lets hear your reports..

Until next time...

Tight lines and screaming reels.


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