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10/14/03 11:12 PM
You should try this on your boat [Post#: 1326 ] Reply to this post

I am not kidding you should try this on your boats. I bet after once you would be hooked??
Just a reminder for all you boaters out there. Fall is here and for many of you that means time to clean up your boat and put it away for the season. Skeeter has the boat cleaning supplies you need for that job. If your not using it your working to hard to clean your boat! The most popular is the Wonderfoam, Restore, safe scrub, Bio-zyme and No-Streak. Each does a job you wouldn't believe, and with ease. As always, I will give each member 1 dollar off per bottle if ordered directly from me by calling 989-837-2681 and mentioning this site. Exact shipping will be charged and I do take plastic. If you have any questions email me directly at or go to my site at: or just will get you there. Christmas is just around the corner also, these products make wonderful gifts. In fact I can ship directly to the location the gift is intended and send you the bill. What a deal huh! Again let me know if you have any questions about these products. Looking for dealers in your area also! Skeeter

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